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    M sure some of you have heard of Mick O'Shea (I think ), while browsing at the airport bookstore I saw his book (above title). His first person's account of the first trip from the source of the Mekong to the South China Sea. Don't know how long it's been since book hit the market but was thrilled cos I know some of the people he mentioned. I miss Laos all over again!
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  3. SuziQ

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    Correction on title : IN THE WAKE OF THE NAGA
  4. SuziQ

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    Wrong yet again. It neither of the above.
    The title is

    In the Naga's Wake.

    my mistake, sorry.
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    Suzi, don't sweat it M8, you were only having a seniors moment.
  6. SuziQ

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    Senior's moment is true! laugh.
    I turned 42 this January. I don't remember names as well. Grin. GAWD! A little long sighted too. But what keeps me going? My hair ain't greyin. YEAH, baby!
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    The book is new and there is also a doco film. We released the film and book in Vientiane back in November. Monument Books in VTE will have copies if anyone is interested.
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    I bought the book at Monument Bookstore at the PP airport.
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    I only just have had time to begin reading the book. Makes very exciting reading. It's gotten me curious to see who Mick O'Shea is. My ex was a deep sea diver whom I still believe has nerves of steel. It took a lot of courage and resolve to brave the Mekong all the way down to the South China Sea. Kudos, O'Shea!
  10. SuziQ

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    To appreciate the contents of this book I think a person may have to read more than once.
    The contents fall into 3 different categories :
    1.the main storyline which is the adventure itself
    2. the obstacles and difficulties that the author had to overcome (financial, physical,mental, emotional and the unethical behaviour and bail out of the persons one has to deal with in the course of achieving a goal)
    3.the factual and historical info which may interest travellers and enthusiasts.

    I'm into the second reading. M guessing, O'shea ought to be between 30 - 35 years at most. His resilience, tenacity and sheer mind over matter quality is quite impressive and inspiring. Lots of people 'talk' but few actually 'do'.

    if one takes the trouble to read and digest this book carefully, they'll probably learn a thing or two about KAYAKING as well.

    Many accounts of the kindness of the people he met reminded me of the book entitled The Kindness of Strangers. this book was written by the (Don George???) founder of the Lonely Planet series. ... dex_ww.php

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