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  1. I am new in the forum. Got for 10 days ago a new D´Tracker Mod. 2014 250 ccm from Kawaski Pattya.
    Before I bought it I did a research about the bike and I knew it is only going 110 km/h

    I was thinking to change the ECU for getting a bit more top speed. My gf called yesterday apitech in BKK. There is no stock
    for the api ECU. I got from aiptech another phone number in Chonburi from another shop, there is no stock too.

    Does somebody know where I can buy the api ecu in Thailand? Does someone sell a used one?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Welcome to GT-Rider! :mrgreen:

    Did API tell you when their ecu's would be back in stock for the KLX250sf?

    Alternatively you might consider a dynojet PowerCommander V. The newest PCV allows to adjust fueling and timing and can certainly give your D-tracker a bit more power.

    Also, don't forget to derestrict your bike!

    A stock D-tracker should be able to go faster than 110kph...
  3. You will find it very hard to find a fixed box APi ecu these days. They were plentiful years ago at every Kawasaki dealer but then the clutch by-pass mod got posted on every forum & APi pretty much stopped bothering to manufacture them! Supply & demand 101

    They do actually give a little more power than just doing the clutch by-pass mod & worth finding one if you can. I have had both, actually the APi increases the fuel map & advances the ignition timing a tad. The clutch mod just un-restricts or stops the ignition retarding at 7,500rpm in 4,5 & 6th gear. With the clutch mod done your bike will hit 10,500 in those gears!

    APi only sells the programmable ecu now & it is very expensive, super hard to program with glitchy interface & badly translated instructions....best avoided imho.

    How to do the clutch mod, look at the pictures:
  4. First of all thanks for the response. I am happy to found this forum.

    @@ Tony - I am the guy who called you yesterday. I was very impressed from your knowledge. Thanks again!

    Today I went again to the Kawaski shop in Pattaya. I was going straight away to the mechanics guys. One guy offered me a used ECU from Api. I really don´t know if it is programmable or not.
    I could not see an USB connector, so I think it is an older one.
    The guy was asking for 3500 Bht and I was happy with it. He changed it within 15 minutes and now the bike is going 130 km/h. I was very disapointed the last few days now I feel happy.

    My gf called in the morning apitech in BKK, the guy says, there is stock now (for 2 days ago he says, no stock! Strange at all.) but the technicans will be back next week.

    Right now I haven´t made the clutch mod. Is this still an advantage together with the Api ECU?

    Thanks again.
  5. No need to do the clutch mod with the APi ecu....If you can hit the redline in 5th gear your unrestricted. Enjoy

    You definitely got the simple fixed box ecu, as the programmable unit is 10,000baht. The cheaper fixed box ecu is the best for your needs btw.
  6. Actually no need for ECU, just google derestriction klx 250, what is does it fools the stock ecu to believe to be in neutral, i.e no restriction on rev.. my bike did 140 after that, i bought the API ecu, same same perf.

  7. hi Joel, i have an old type apitech ecu for dtrackerx250. The problem is, latest software cannot detect it. I saw on internet most of those days use software v7.1.. How can i get those old version software?

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