May 9 Motobike Trip From Vientiane To Luang Prabang, Then North Laos For One Week


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Apr 23, 2016
Ho Chi Minh
Hi everyone,

First post on this forum, which I found useful to find tips, and happy to see people having real fun around the golden triangle.
We are two people (French/Vietnamese) we are going to ride from Vientiane (May 9) to Luang prabang on paved road.

We will have a stop 2 night on Vang Vieng, then ride around the north but based from Luang prabang (until ). We will take it easy.

If anyone is planning to go by bike, we can also meet around, and ride together. I have been one time in Laos (Vientiane, Vang Vieng), back few year ago.
Hopefully we will get nice bikes XR if possible (I contacted Fuark, and Jules, I will follow-up once landed in Laos Friday.)

If you got some latest news regarding road condition, or small tips, feel free. I already had a look around, but never know :)

Happy ride to everyone, be safe, and feel free to say Hi ([email protected])

Ousmane (Frenchy in Vietnam)