new Nüvifon from Garmin

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  1. Hi,
    Anyone had the chance to test the new Nuvifon? (

    Someone is bringing me one from Europe to test next month, it is also delivered with a mounting bar for bikes/motorbikes. Will check if it is usable for touring, good thing is it has the garmin software so loadable maps.
  2. Ummmmmm... I don't know anything about this phone, but you made me curious so I thought I would check. The first thing that jumped out at me is; if you click the link you supplied, and then click on "Learn More" it shows it as a 'Discontinued Product".

    Under new products Garmin lists the "GarminPhone". And Garmin adds this disclaimer "² Availability of Connected Services varies by country and coverage areas. Data plan required. Charges vary by market and carrier.". I am sure you are also aware that 3G service is very limited in Thailand. That's all I know. Let us know how you make out. :think:
  3. Correct David,there is an article in the Bangkok Post today about Garmin's new marketting approach.
    They have discontinued their phone range, discounting all their range and concentrating on Shipping and Airplane GPS's.
  4. Just wondering does that mean their GPS doesn't work on their phones anymore or are they just discontinuing their phones in Thailand.
    I am due a new phone on my business phone plan here in OZ and thought that would be a good freebe.
    The GPS should still be available I would have thought as the phone companies here are still offering those phones.
  5. From reading more, it appears Garmin is no longer interested in the phone market, losing money, and will discontinue phones worldwide. Of course, existing phones will continue to work if there is a compatible phone company. As I said before, 3G is currently a big problem in Thailand.
  6. That's pretty funny since those phones are "new" in Switzerland.
    I also don't get why they would need a permanent connection if the maps are preloaded on the phone, the only information needed is the gps position (which has nothing to do with internet).
    What I noticed from the demo video is that almost every feature in the video relies on the fact everyone should have a garmin phone (like sending locations per sms...).
    Will have a look at the end of the month when my friend brings one but rather go for a android phone with google tracks.
  7. Lots of rumor that Garmin are moving the the android operating system.. This is based less on what Garmin are prepared to say than the fact they have been recruiting android experienced developers.

    Theres already a few routing options and even one that doesnt need the data open for Thai maps with android but to me the phone GPS is for emergencies or casual round town. Even a few years old the 60csx still ticks all the boxes I want for a bike / explore / adventure unit.
  8. Hey Tony
    Great to see your newest ride. You should be paid a promotional fee from kawasaki for all your work on new Kwakas in Thailand.
    Not sure about other areas but the Garmin phone does operate on the android system here in Australia.
    I have 1 coming in the next few days.
  9. Just wish they made a 60csx type gps with a 3"+ screen. As far as I know the Garmin GPS's with bigger screens cant log tracks. Some of the smartphones/apps are coming close but I doubt they're rugged enough to mount on the bars of an offroad bike.

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