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  1. Conemeister

    Conemeister Ol'Timer

    Can anyone give advice on the road conditions and quality from Nan to Chiang Khan. time of ride and places of interest. Upcoming ride in March/April, so weather conditions and river info would be great.
    If you have info on other roads in this map, would be great for the headsup.
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  3. DavidFL

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    I searched for "Nan to Chiang Khan" on the forum & came up with this

    & reckon that will do the trick for info.

    The weather will be hot 'n smoky with the rivers low &/or dry; but there should only be bridges to ride over.

    Some GT Rider Nan info:

    Where to ride in Nan:

  4. Conemeister

    Conemeister Ol'Timer

    Thanks David

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