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    Ready for a first trip with the V-strom to Nan province.
  2. Ines
    looking for 2 honda wins in Luang Prabang!
  3. Neil
  4. Khun Kay
  5. DavidFL
    Killing time recovering from a knee replacement.
  6. cdohrman
    Planning the next Northern Thailand round trip with a side step to the 1. Vang Vieng Bike Fest
  7. captainpants
  8. Pikey
  9. derekbrn
    derekbrn Electraglider
    Hi - this is Derek about the ride from Kanchanaburi to Chaing Mai, and eventually Nan.

    There could be two trip segments in Sept / early Oct. One Kanchanaburi to Mae Sot, and Mae Sot to Chiang Mai. Both could be 2-3 days.

    How long are you going to be in Thailand?

    Line: derekbrn
    E: [email protected]
  10. Neil Manning
    Neil Manning
    Hoi An Based
  11. George Bell
    George Bell
    Scottish expat living in North Sumatra.
  12. Thomas O'Donnell
    Thomas O'Donnell
    Looking for off-road route option in Petchaburi province
  13. pep2017
    pep2017 Electraglider
    Selling My Great Orange/black Kawasaki Versys 650cc Model 2012.

    yes still on sale, you can call me 089 898 9320 Ralf or email [email protected], thanks
  14. Itchywheels
    Into the great wide open, under the skies of blue. Out in the great wide open, a rebel without a clue
  15. angkor2
    Hello Mudboots you sold the CRM already ????
  16. robbie
    After 3 months wait the new 250 Rally has finally arrived!
  17. GingerKitty
    Nerves for long ride North to South
  18. liongsp
    Ride to the fullness until 99 years old
  19. bradmeister
    bradmeister DavidFL
    Oh, Yes.... The Big Area in the top right corner that says MAPS : CLICK HERE!!!! THANKS DAVID.
    1. DavidFL
      Sent you a PM. Look in your inbox
      May 4, 2017
  20. bradmeister
    bradmeister DavidFL
    Hey David,
    How do we go about ordering maps? Need the Famous MHS please. Thanks.
  21. aksika
  22. Ceeslee
    Ceeslee DutchMike
    Hoi Mike
    neem aan dat jij NL bent??
    Ik woon nu nog in Prachuap maar ga binnenkort verhuizen naar Chiang Rai
    Ok mocht je meer willen chatten... mijn ID line is leeprachuap
    Groet Cees
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    1. DutchMike
      Zag je bericht nu pas, we waren op een tripje naar Trat en Cambodiaanse grens om een Royal Enfield in te rijden. Trip in Nan doen we met onze Honda 500. Zal je aan mijn Line toevoegen. Mike (Mijnd in Nederlands)
      Apr 23, 2017
  23. sportz riders nz
    sportz riders nz
    looking for the best ride out of Chiang Mai day 1-200Km /day 2-300-400 km /day 3 300 - 400km / day 4 300 - 400km /day 5 200km Chiang Mai
  24. sportz riders nz
    sportz riders nz
    10x of us are wanting to ride 1400 - 1500km 22nd - 26th Oct before going to Malaysian GP
  25. brian_bkk
    Songkran fast approaching. Stay off the roads. If you can't. Drive early AM to avoid the drunks and crazies. Stay safe. Sawadee Pee Mai