1,5 month old SHARK RSI (Size M)

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  1. Bought it from Ninja Shop very recently for 7,000 THB, yours for 5,500 THB.

    Same as this:


    Comes with 5 year warranty (I have the receipt with purchase date) and I even have the box! I used it a few times for long trips. I am not very happy with the fit - I guess I have a weird head shape. This helmet gets very good reviews all around:


    Very safe too: SHARP (http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/testsratings/shark-rsi)

    Call if interested : 0816 27 1917



    Yours for 4,500 THB now.

    Great deal for such a helmet. I think the first one to see will buy it. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I'd like to try it on and if it's a good fit I'll be happy to pay your asking price. I'm in Minburi near airport. Please give me a call / SMS and let me know when / where we can meet. Cheers! Tony 0868052274

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