2000 kms and 1 big grin first run of my Triumph

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    Well after a wait of 4 months my Rocket was finally here in BKK. I jumped on the night train the next day and by opening time I was outside the shop. I gave her a good check over, all well and left them my alarm and saddle bags to fit and arranged to collect her the next afternoon. Yut the guy who has dealt with me since ordering had offered to escort me out of BKK which I was grateful for. The ride out of BKK only confirmed my avoidance of the place. I was though impressed with how easy the rocket was to weave through the traffic at slow speeds. By the time we had hit the main highway south Id settled downa little and was enjoying the ride. As Yut waved and peeled off that just left me the bike and the open rd.
    First impressions were good. Very comfortable and well balanced for a 720 pound 320 kilo bike. Sat at a nice 100-110kph I was amazed to see it was doing just over 2000rpm. Overtaking when needed was a breeze, just twist the throttle and hang on. It would pull from about 30kph in top gear like a train. By arrival in Hua hin a few hours later we had bonded. A few nights in HH then back to Chumpon. Having ridden every type of bike there is I found the rocket to be the best mile muncher Id ridden. The most smiles per mile ever. After a night at home it was on the road again. Across the mountains to Ranong. A really nice ride with lots of sweeping curves and some open straights. For a big bike she handled very well managing to scrape the footpegs on a few occasions. With all the torque you dont have to be up and down the gearbox to keep it in the sweet zone. Just brake, corner and open her up again.
    Ranong came in an easy 50 mins matching my best run on the V Max and Im just getting the hang of the new bike. It was then down to Khao Lak. Some nice roads again an the bike just eats up the road. Khao Lak to Phang Gna an another easy trip.
    The return trip was via Surat Thani Then up to Chumphon. A week and 2000 kms and a very big grin.I cant fault the bike at all. Id opted for the footplates and heel and toe changer and it took a little while to get used to that but now happy with it. The gearbox is a bit clunky but when you realise just how much power its putting through the shaft to the 240 section back tyre its understandable. I would have liked to have a water temp gauge but Im sure that I can get one after market. Also for 1.2 mil I would have expected an immobilisor / alarm as standard. All round it has to be the best bike I've had. At ease nipping into town or munching up the miles on the highway. Everywhere I've stopped its attracted quite a crowd even to Ranong immigration grinding to a halt as they all came out for a look and sit. Im looking forward to heading up to Chang Mia next month with the wife Expensive but well worth the money to me. So look out Chang Mia the beast is coming. Stay upright.
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    Congratulations on taming the beast!
    The thought of riding the Rocket in BKK fills me with horror.
    But it sounds as though you have good roads where you to enjoy & take advantage of such a magnificent machine.
    Maybe we'll have a meeting of Trumpets next month in CNX.
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    Nice one. I'm sure you're gonna have lots of fun with that amount of grunt between your legs. It will be good to see you up here with the bike & watch you muscling it around the tight steep twisty roads in the North. No doubt the grin will still be a mile wide but it might be a bit strained by the end of the day. Nonetheless I don't doubt your going to love riding the bike and making heaps of people jealous with that 1.2 million baht beast.
    How about some pix of you & the bike on the road?
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  6. DavidFL

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    How's the bike going?
    Have you ridden it up North yet?
  7. Rhodie

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    Apparently riding the highways of Koh Tao!! :?:

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