2007 250 D Tracker (Australian) spokes info

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by 07_Tracker, Mar 28, 2013.

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    The previous owner of the 250 DTracker I recently bought had the OE rims replaced a with 18/21 combo.

    He's given me the 17 inch wheel and tires, but he misplaced the spokes and a month later he still hasn't found them. I may have to order my own set.

    I'd prefer to get them from Kawasaki so I know the bend and head diameter are absolutely correct, but I may have to just get some locally.

    So, if someone with a 2007 D Tracker could measure their spoke lengths front and rear from the bend to the start of the threads for me, I'd know what length I need to look for.

    The US parts websites only go back as far as the 2009 D Tracker and do show the spoke lengths. I can probably use that info regarding the rear spokes, but the front hub changed from 2007-2009, with the 2007 hub being the KLX250 front hub and brake assembly.

    So I still don't know the lengths for the front.

    I say this is an Australian model because it had the carb de-icer system (which I have removed)

    Fist choice then would be getting part numbers for front and rear spokes that I guess I'd have to order from and Australian dealer?

    Second choice would be having someone measure their 2007 spokes so I know what lengths to look for..


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