2010 Honda CBR250R, green book, Chiangmai registered

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  1. Gorgeous 2010 Honda CBR250R, 41,000k, 2nd owner, Chiangmai registered, green book, just serviced, THB65,000. This is a wonderful bike, I hate to part with it. Comfortable, great to drive, great travelling bike. More than enough power to go around/get away from dumb stuff. Very well cared for. Luggage extension created and installed by Thai craftsperson. Pirelli Sport Demon tires and Japanese chain have 6,000k on them. Headlamp switch installed for riding in Cambodia. No collisions. Some scratches and pits, but less than you might expect for a 4-yr-old bike. Call 0900528971 if you want to speak English, 0818848556 for Thai.
  2. Yesterday I took the bike in and had the brakes serviced: new pads and adjusted. So now they're as great as the rest of the bike. Perhaps I should have mentioned: this bike will be on sale until Saturday, November 1. If it doesn't sell, I'll be returning back to Cambodia with it.
  3. This bike has been sold. Thanks, Riders.

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