2011 New Harley Davidson Prices.

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  1. Here is the Current Harley Davidson Line up of Models and Prices for Thailand. You will notice that some of the Bikes available here are not available in the USA anymore? Example is the Sportster 883R which is a Cracking Bike with Twin Disc Front end and Adjustable Suspension which doesn't drag on the Ground! Also some Models are available with Mid Controls also as I have stated before. This is only for the Asian Market! The Prices may be open to some Negotiation as they did give some Healthy Discounts on these Prices During the International Motorshow in Bangkok!!!
    Any Questions contact the Guys in Bangkok as they are More than Helpful!
  2. Ian, any chance you can repost the price list with higher def.? I can't make the prices out properly. Thanks.
  3. I will Try and get the 2012 Prices and Post them soon. Harley Davidson Bangkok have had a Tough Time because of the Floods! Been Closed for nearly a Month. Their Shop isn't Flooded but surrounding Roads and other Areas are and Logistically it is difficult for People to get out there! So with the Start of the best time of Year to Ride What should have been a Big Selling Month moving lots of Bikes has been Washed out literally!!!
  4. Ian looks as though no Fat- bob in their line up - strange!!!

    Cheers Ken F
  5. Fat Bob is the Top of the List in the Dyna Family! The 2012 Model Has No White Hot Denim Colour though! But they do get a Larger Donk, 103 Cubic Inches up from 96 Cubic Inches!

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