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  1. The 2012 Honda NC700X is hard to pigeonhole - it's a parallel twin adventure crossover which could also be called a commuter, a sport-tourer or even a quasi-sportbike/scooter. The NC700X is the adventure-oriented version of Honda’s new “crossover” family of 670cc parallel-Twin machines. The brand-new engine is liquid-cooled, with a single overhead cam, four valves per cylinder and a counterbalancer for smooth running. One of the most notable options is the second-generation DCT transmission, a follow-on to the gen-one version that debuted on the VFR1200F sport-tourer. As before, DCT allows fully automatic operation or paddle shifts in manual mode.
    The standard NC700X is priced at $6999 and should be available in the US this summer. MSRP for the DCT/Combined Anti-lock Braking System bike has not been set.
    Personally I am very interested in this bike, and hopefully it will be available in Thailand. Pricewise it should be competitive to the Er6n. It would be a more practical bike with scooter-like storage space, nice to ride on Thai roads with the Versys-like suspension and even though the engine has way less power (around 50 hp) it may just be enough for a lot of, let's say, mature riders.
    This bike is trying to be several different bikes which usually results in lots of criticism from conserative riders. Some find it interesting, others wouldn't touch it.
    The Versys pulled it off, arguably after trying long and hard with the earlier KLE models.
    What's your take on Honda's new creation?



  2. It certainly Looks the Part! And it is a Honda so no doubt a Fantastic Bike but again Pricing will be the Big question mark and we will just have to see what Honda actually decides to sell here in Thailand, They already committed to selling the Big Bikes in Thailand in the National Press release a couple of weeks back but no Word of What??
  3. It is for sure as fugly as the Versys, the big question is : will it be built in Thailand ? If yes we can expect a price range to be similar as the Versys.

    The website for Honda Big Bikes is not yet updated http://www.aphonda.co.th/bigbike/product.asp
  4. Looks are important but after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    The way I know the Japanese this bike will be available here in Thailand because it would be competitive to Kawasaki's 650s.

    Here a well-written article with lots of info on what this bike is all about:

  5. My momma told me if I ain't got nuthin nice to say to shut the hell up, so that's just what I'm gonna do ;)
  6. 555. Mr Kawasaki.

    How much they payin' you Tony?
  7. From what i read on the article it seems it is a 700cc Wave or Dream ...
  8. FWIW I owned a bunch of Hondas before I moved to Thailand. Loved 'em! Honda used to be the top Japanese brand but other than their supersport CBR's I feel like they've kind of lost the plot in recent years...

    Right now I own two Kwackers and a Suzuki :)
  9. The NC 700 is undoubtably an ugly bike ........BUT...get beyond that and it is an impressive bit of kit , the engine is an intersing refined design .reputedly very torquey but not peaky
    Its very practical and comfy and easy to use .
  10. Just like a maxi-scooter :)
  11. It doesnt look ugly to me . I like the looks !
  12. Aight, ignoring momma's advice, here's my take on the NC700x-

    It better be cheaper than the Versys- it's ~15Kg heavier and down some 20 Hp from the Kwacker, innit?

    Strip it down and you discover it's not a motorcycle. It's a maxi-scooter dressed up to look like a motorcycle:

    IF Honda sells it cheap I'm sure it will sell well as an easy to ride commuter bike.

    One of the reasons the Honda DN-01 flopped so badly was the exorbitant price tag... (And the fact it was butt ugly and boring as hell to ride...)

    Hopefully Honda learned from that disaster and will do better with this new scooter-bike.
  13. And how I read the review-

    So just as Honda farked up the world class VFR by adding VTEC from their cars now they're going to produce a maxi-scooter using an engine that shares a lot of components from the Honda Jazz/Fit?!

    And they're putting this underpowered car-like engine into an overweight platform...

    50Hp, 228Kg and a redline at 6500rpm?!?! OMG how boring do they want this bike to be?

    The article says "the NC700X is the first modern motorcycle engine designed primarily for fuel efficiency rather than a high power density". Well, if fuel efficiency is the over-riding concern, why not buy a 125-150cc scooter? What can this big heavy maxi-scooter do that a PCX or Wave or Click can't?

    I dunno guys... The article says that this is one of the first Honda bikes that's got design inputs from automobile engineers.

    "they had meetings with engineers from Honda’s car division once or twice a month for two years during the design process, the first time this has happened at Honda."

    Is that supposed to be a good thing?

    And the way I read it, this is going to be a bike that drives "rides?" more like a car...

    For now it's made in Japan, so if imported to Thailand you can expect to pay around ~4xxk Baht, perhaps even 500k Baht if you add all the bells and whistles for this overweight, underpowered scooter-bike in the Land of Smiles...

    No thanks! :happy2:
  14. I have to say I totally agree with Tony, I drove a Jazz and it was boring for a car so whats the point of making a bike with this boring engine?

    Theres plenty of options for fuel economy motorcycles, I'd even say they should develop more little electric bikes like the ones you can see everywhere in China.

    We may use the high revs only 20% of the time but its good to have the choice to use them or not.

    On the article theres not one single comment saying it was fun or anything, only raw technical stuff. Even if it was cheaper than a er6 my choice is definitly made, if Honda released a 600 Hornet in Thailand will take it over the er6 tho....
  15. Not everybody wants a bike that has lots of hp and goes 200km/h. Plenty of people look for a more practical bike, a smart commuter with space for some stuff, which is good on gas and doesn't cost 10 grand. This bike wants to be that, so if you're into one-up racing on the weekends look elsewhere.
    I think this "X" version blurs the lines between scooters and standard bikes which seems like an interesting approach to me. Plus you get a little enduro thrown in with the 6" suspension.
    Not everybody likes a screaming inline-four that comes to life at around 7000 rpm and revs to 12,000. I remember fondly the engine of my 1400 Intruder, wishing they'd put it in a streetbike frame. Torque in any gear, open the throttle just above idle and you get the feeling a car rear-ended you. Harley, BUELL, Moto Guzzi, BMW and others build interesting twins that don't rev to the moon. I've always liked riding twins at low revs, shifting early.
    50 hp is enough for my taste, especially around here. Plenty of good, fun bikes that handle have only around 50 horses. Guess it's up to each rider, but I remember being quite happy with several XS 650s I had, which weighed more than 200kg. The 2012 Moto Guzzi Breva makes 51 hp at 6,200 rpm - boring?
    Actually I loved my little 28hp VTR250 which felt like a rocket between all the 125cc bikes, and top speed was 140 - I don't need to go 200 in LOS! A VTR400 would be nice, though. Had a ZX9r with 140 hp and that simply wasn't my kind of bike.
    The long-stroke parallel twin 670cc twin with a 270* crank should be a very interesting power plant, more like a V-twin.
    It's not a maxi-scooter dressed up to look like a motorcycle, it's a motorcycle that has some of the advantages of a scooter without the drawbacks - too much plastic, small wheels and an upright seating position. A motorcycle has the engine in the front and 17" wheels; a scooter has smaller wheels and the engine in front of the rear wheel. The small BMW single has an underseat tank - no complaints there! Low center of gravity - positive! Storage space - practical!
    Again it depends on your definition of boring - if you're into light, fast, screaming power-bikes there's plenty to choose from and this one is not for you. But if you want a practical bike that accelerates better than 90% of the bikes on the road in TH, with lots of low-end torque, is fun to ride with a slightly forward seating position and decent suspension, good for two-up riding, plus it's easy on gas - what's not to like?

    You complain about the looks - as if the Versys is a beauty...
  16. and a redline at 6500rpm

    That is pretty funny.
  17. I still dont see the point as any maxi scooter will do the exact same job apart from the manual gearing...

    The Versys wont win a beauty contest but at least this is a proper bike not a mix between a scooter and a car.
  18. Yep, that's where the helmet goes! Safe and dry.

    You're gone while the sports bike crowd still tries to attach their helmets to those old-fashioned hooks...
  19. There are lots of bikes, especially singles and twins, with a redline at 6500 rpm - and the owners wouldn't want it any different!
  20. A scooter is a scooter, as defined below.

    A mix between a scooter and a car? Now you're getting confused...

    This engine is not the first MC engine design based on a car engine. And why would that be a bad thing?
  21. Actually, the sport bike crowd will already be well in to their second or third rounds of beers by the time you show up on your NC700x ;)
  22. The NC700x is a mix of car, scooter and motorcycle components. Hell, it was partly designed by automotive engineers and uses engine parts out of a Honda Jazz/Fit automobile, which is a dreadfully boring car to drive btw.

    The suspension has been described as "budget".

    Other than the big tourers like the Honda Goldwing I can't think of any mass produced motorcycle that uses a car-like engine.

    In the US the base version MSRP is $6999, add DCT and ABS and the price goes all the way up to $8999!!! At that price I expect this maxi-scooter-automo-bike to flop almost as badly as the DN-01 did.

    What is Honda thinking?!?!
  23. Nice discussion about maxi-scooters, I think the NC700x does not look more ugly as a Versys (and I am riding one) but inside it indeed seems to be a maxi-scooter. And the only good thing about that kind of thingy's is that you can but your helmet and some more inside it.

    That said a friend of mine (ex-BMW rider) bought himself a Vespa/Piaggo 3-wheeler scooter for an ridiculous price here in LOS and seems happy with it so maybe there are potential customers for the NC700x also.

    If the NC700x is not made here it is going to be in a much higher price range as the Versys, so in that regard I do not see a market for it in Thailand.

    Chang Noi

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