4b, Some Pictures.


Mar 18, 2013
Some pictures from 4B. LPQ to Hongsa.
This was the first time I did the new 4B. It used to be an amazing and easy dirt track. A kind of farewell ride to Laos on my way back to Nan.
Not so anymore. However, I got thru on the Nan border this time. Hopefully the grudge bearing official will soon be gone.

4B 2020-02-24_11-32-34.jpg
4B 2020-02-24_11-38-13.jpg
For every bridge I crossed I could remember the river crossings. I think it was a total of 7 crossings, and 2-3 interesting ones.
4B 2020-02-24_12-04-02.jpg
4B 2020-02-24_12-06-25.jpg
4B 2020-02-24_12-07-49.jpg
4B 2020-02-24_12-10-01.jpg
4B 2020-02-24_12-16-22.jpg
4B 2020-02-24_12-44-52.jpg
4B 2020-02-24_12-53-19.jpg

Once while they were expanding the track I counted no less than 21 excavators in one picture.