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  1. so there i was just takeing it easy,came up to the junction should turn right but as every one was doing the same just nipped across to the road on the other side to save myself a 2 minute detour! well i wouldent do it in the uk so dont have a problem that the copper jumped out stopped me and 2 other bikes, took details and releaved me of my driveing licence!, back in the staition and five hundred baht poorer got my licence back!,what makes me laugh is the parting smile from the police and the see you tomorow !!i hope not plus the boys in brown are dishing out the 200 baht no lid thing all over at the mo. keep your eyes open fellas.
  2. if all goes well picking up d,tracker tomorow!!,got nabbed on a honda wave with mum on back ohhhhh the shame of it.
  3. why did you not slip him 200 baht , to forget u were there,

  4. Yes.............an important step of the learning curve. Neogiating down and handing over 200 would help keep "fees" from increasing and saved a bit of face in front of Mum
  5. Mate what you doing? Marcus the 'silver tongued cavalier' taken for a 500B! No wonder that copper was smiling! I'd watch out, he's probably given your description to all of his mates! How's the Kwacka?
  6. thanks for all the micky takeing,yes was tempted to offer a 200 b bribe,but he took my licence pronto,and was dishing tickets out as quick as he could write. now ive got the d tracker will be a good boy!! as mum cant get on the back and will be traveling a bit quicker
  7. Noticed also that the boys in brown have become more bussiness like. A few weeks ago was stopped for not using a safety belt in my car. No argueing possible. The copper wrote out the ticket and took my driving licence.

    200 baht at the Mae Ping Police station in Chiangmai - 1 guy writing the receipt, another guy collecting the money and no. 3 handing me the licence back and about 1 hour waiting as number 4 was a bit slow in bringing the licence to the station. Wasn't the only one as there were about 15 people crowding the place all waiting to pay and get the licence back.
  8. I've had the same experiance as Auke many times in the past starting about 15 years ago in Phuket for going the wrong way down a newly posted one way street. No 500B note was going to get me anywhere but to the police station... And since that time, I've seen this more and more; no 500B getting you off the hook.

    And - if you are in the right, you've now got a better chance of telling them so and getting away with no payment of any kind.

    The system is starting to work; albeit not everywhere, but it is slowly but surly, coming to a neighborhood close to you.

    Maybe this is for the good??

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