6 Photos of my leading fork, constructed by Joe

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  1. A leading fork reduces the strength needed to steer through curves dramatically.
    Joe also changed the fork very esthetically with touches of blue matching the blue of the sidecar, new shockers, springs plus a fender .




    A big problem was the English-made sidecar wheel, the rim had been severely damaged hitting a stone. No such rim is availabe in Thailand.
    Joe had THE solution= he cut the centre rim out and welded on a new outer rim.


    Now I am riding a power steered SilverPorsche on 3 wheels


    http://picasaweb.google.com/SILVERWING6 ... =irectlink
  2. Pico
    Fixed your photos for you.

    1. Go to your photo album
    2. Left click on the photo to show the one photo
    3. Right click on the photo to show the properties & URL
    4. Copy the address / URL
    5. Paste the URL in
    6. Highlight the URL
    7. Click on the tag%20to%20bracket%20the%20photo%20URL
    8. Bob's your uncle up pops your photo.
  3. Thanks a lot David !!

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