8000 km on a click,part 7 final. Huay xai-Pak chong


Aug 4, 2009
How to get out of laos at huay xai with a bike ? quite easy.
1st. Get the passport stamp in the small street where all the packpakers arrived from.
2nd.Go to customs.Thats where there is the big ferry.Building on the left side down the hill.
3rd,Get the bike on the ferry.When i croseed there was a lady boy asking 500bt to cross. I told him i would deal with the boat guy and finally paid 50 000k+20bt.
In chiang kong,i first stopped at the customs then the immigration.
The rest of the trip was kind of brainless.
Chiang rai via 1129n,1271 south. Sabai inn hotel 350 bt (sarabin rd)

Thaton via soi khao,Pha kwang, kiu satoa,1089
To get out of chiang rai, i just followed the sigh to buddha cave then to the elephant camp.
Lots of hills for a small cyl.stayed at apple g-h.nice clean bung. by the river

Thaton- chiang dao rd 1089-107
Super motard heaven !
Malees bung, nice 600bt

Chiang dao-chiang mai
Boontavong hotel nice 500bt

Chiang mai -pai 107-1095
nice windy rd

Pai-MHS 1095
Nice windy rd
sangtong hut,nice500bt-1500bt

MHS-chiang mai via 108,3006,huay hec,nong khao huel poo leoy
Very nice, some very steep section,
The girl at the gate of the parc didnt want me to go with the click but i showed her a few pics of where i've been to in laos with that bike and changed her mind...

CM-Sukhotai 11south to 1023 from mae rang 1125
stayed at home a/c 650 fan 400 breakfast incl.
friendly staff,good food

Suhothai-khon kaen 12 all the way.
very long ride on a girly bike !

KK-khorat 2


Thats it!
After i took the bus to pattaya and rent another bike to get to kochang where i rest my ass for a while before getting back to freezing land !


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May 18, 2011

do you have a map with you trip pls ?
no pb after getting so wet in some rivers ?



Aug 4, 2009
HI,thanks for the reply guys.Antoine,the only map i had was the gt rider one that i bought in pakse at the green discovery shop.It did help but i was relying more on the "sun" and the villagers.(i can speek a bit of lao).I didn't really had a goal so i didn't really care where i was heading.And ya ,i did had some problems after floading the bike.Its amazing the amount of water that went out of the exhaust when it finally start ! And after that ,the air filter,(which is paper btw),was ofcourse wet and collected so much dust that it clogged real bad.When i made it to Thakhek ,the bike could barely make 40km/h.No air ,running super rich.
The honda mechanic was really impress when i showed him the pictures !( and the lao lady who had just bought one was also convince that she had made a great buy....)