A future Rider is born !

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  1. Hi GT-Rider Friends,

    I am happy to inform you about the birth of our son Edward Azoulay, this Saturday 20th of February 2010 at 21:02, the baby weights 3,850 Kg, lentgh 52 cm and is already a very happy little Tiger in life..

    The Mother and the boy are healthy, everything is OK !.

    His Mother, his brother and his two sisters join me in my joy to announce it to you.

    I hope we'll have soon the opportunity to celebrate it together.


    He will nextly travel to LOS to enjoy the cool weather....
  2. Congratulations to you all.

    I bet that giving birth to a baby weighing 3,850 Kg made his mothers eyes water a bit ;)
  3. Congratulations to all! Such an amazing process to be part of. :D

    Nice sized little man you have, both of my boys were over 4.2kg. After my wife had to push an eternity for the first one it was a no brainer for a C-section on the second monster.

    Glad your family is well and congrats again!
  4. Azoulay, congratulations to you & your wife !! So when will he get his first bike, age 6 ??? :lol: Cheers, Franz
  5. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Azoulay on Azoulay junior. It's great to see the GT Rider clan expanding.
  6. Congratulations Laurent and wife ...How many kids do you have now? surely enough to start your own club.
  7. Congratulations and Felicitations!!! What a beautiful boy- looks strong and healthy (but is he ready for the 'cool' weather in Thailand???) :wink:
  8. Congratulations Azoulay :D All the best to you and your family.

  9. Félicitations pour la naissance de votre fils

    Did Google translate work???

    Regardless of what anyone says, big babies are happy babies, and healthy babies... you will have it easy...

  10. Congratulations!
  11. Félicitations, Laurent!

    And one more riding the Ducati!..

  12. Azoulay, congratulations to you & your wife..future rider.. :D :D

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