A safe place to leave your bike, in Aranyaprathet.

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  1. Does such a place exist?

    I'd be surprised.

    I've done a few border runs there and left my bike (well locked) in the market outside the 7-11. Both wheels locked and chained onto the metal barrier. But it's always been a 1-2hr cross over and back.

    Gotta go to Cambo for 2-3 days now and would still like to ride over from Bangkok.

    Anyone know of such a place in Aranyaprathet that is actually safe to leave your bike for a few days?

  2. Thanks Slash.

    That sounds okay. I'd be happy to pay the 150b for each day even though I wouldn't be staying there.

    I still think I'd be paranoid at someone coming along and putting it into the back of a pick-up truck at 4am though. Not sure I could relax for 3 days in Cambodia thinking about it haha, that's probably just my paranoia though. :D
  3. You can try at the Market hotel! it s a nice place and they should have a place to leave your bike! you can find more info about this place on this forum! good ride!
  4. I ended up crossing at mukdahan and they had a secure parking depot, cars 100b and bikes 50b.

    Was still there when I came back the next evening. :)

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