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Oct 23, 2009
The new GT-Rider Xenforo software features a dedicated chapter to upload pictures under a “MEDIA” tab. This is a welcome enhancement, however, I am also eager to find out how it can be used to generate more interest and traffic for the GT-Rider website and forum.

As a test, I have uploaded an album of vintage pictures from Vientiane :
Vientiane sometimes | S.E Asia Motorcycle Touring Forums |

I have posted the link to these pictures at the end of two of my Vientiane related write-ups, and will monitor the views and comments on the MEDIA album.

It seems that publications in the MEDIA section (uploading of pictures) are not highlighted, as it would be the case of a thread or a posting, thus probably, remaining unnoticed if not linked to a thread.

I also wonder if pictures published in GT-Rider “MEDIA” are indexed by (pictures) search engines.

My first thoughts about the use of the MEDIA section are the followings

  • Adding pictures to a trip report to make the write up lighter
  • Publishing additional pictures witch are related but difficult to integrate in the trip report text
  • Publishing pictures and pictures stories not directly related to a trip report but still of interest for bikers and for the region covered by GT-Rider stories
  • Collecting a series of pictures on the same topic but by different contributors

The MEDIA albums can be posted to CATEGORIES (these categories have to be defined by admin and do not yet exist)

I would be happy to get the views of others about this new tool, as I am myself keen to take profit of the possibility to share pictures on GT-Rider MEDIA.

As shown hereafter, pictures from the media gallery can be embedded in a thread: (use the small camera icon - linked to "Your Media"). However, I am not sure that this is a good way to upload photos, as, in such a case, a picture would be displayed in a gallery and virtually in a thread. I have no definitive opinion about this, however.

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Jun 21, 2016
The MEDIA albums can be posted to CATEGORIES

This is not possible.
Categorys can't have albums in it.

Albums are user based and the users have the control over their albums. This includes the permission who can see it.
Categorys are defined by the Team. Here the permission is set on the usergroups.

In fact with media gallery in place you have different ways to use pictures.
1. The native xenforo attachment system.
Here you can use the upload a file button under the editor.
Or you can use drag and drop to place a picture directly into a post from your desktop / mobile or what ever.
Pictures at this system are not organize. Without a addon it is not easy to use them later again and you have no oversight about them.

2. The media gallery
Here you can organize your uploaded pictures quit easily thru the album system.
And they always around to find them again, manage them, delete them and so on.

We have around 400k of pictures in our forum.
With the change from VB to xenforo i saw an increase of using the attachment system by our users.
It is easy to post a picture on the fly into a post. That's what the most like.
But we still have a strong base who use the media gallery.

Media gallery give you the option to show pictures in something like a slideshow.
We use it at the bottom of the main page.

At the end every user is unique and use the system what fit best for him.
So xenforo and the media gallery gives them only different opportunities where they can choose what they use.