Advice needed: Bike insurance and domestic transportation.

Aug 9, 2010
Hi fellow members. I still live in Denmark but 2-3 month a year i am in Thailand. I have a condo in Jomtien. Last year I bought a brand new Honda Forza. A very comfortable bike to ride. The dealer gave me a one year insurance. I hold a Thai drivers license.

I need 2 advices:

First one is insurance. It is a jungle to navigate around on the internet. Please recommend a company with a good service, coverage and a fair price. Mine runs out in December.

Second advice: Last time here i drove from jomtien to chiang mai and back with many stops and detour in about 2 weeks. I love it up north on the bike. But…. I really didn’t like the trip from Jomtien to Sukhotai. Or reverse. I am looking for a reliable transportation for my bike next time i am going north, from Jomtien to Chiang Mai. Any recommendations is appreciated.

Thank you.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
For insurance I recommend & use Mon @ Abacus Associates.
Email: [email protected]

For bike transport I once used this guy based in Chiang Mai.
He works logistics & transport & organised transport from Loei to Chiang Mai in 45 minutes.