Afternoon dirtbiking fun at Bo Din, Minburi, Bangkok! KLX351, CRF450R, XR650R

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  1. A 'bit' wet at Bo Din these days ;)

    Juri had a really nice camera- what a pic!

    Gorgeous afternoon!

    As I was riding down this flooded road spotted a huge water lizard. Reckon it would be mad mojo to run over one of those bad boys...

    Jake stalled and struggled to get his CRF started. Man do I love my e-start!

    Mud mud mud!!! Juri got himself good and stuck!

    We all got stuck! After dragging Jakes bike out we just laid it down as it has no side stand... :shifty:

    I got stuck too :oops: This mud just sucks you in!

    We escaped exhausted but undamaged. Looking forward to hitting Bo Din again soon!

  2. Some vids from yesterday afternoon's little dirtbike outing :)

    To get to Bo Din you just follow Ramkamhaeng till it ends, hang a right, then left at first light, follow that until you see a 7-11, turn left, then right at the next T, and follow that road until you see the sign for the Korean International School, follow that road until you see the reservoir.
  3. We slowly made our way down the flooded road next to the reservoir and I cautioned Juri as last year there were some deep holes and ruts in the road that would probably swallow us if we rode into them...

    He still wanted to press on through, but then a couple big 4WD trucks came by and we watched them drive down the road, and sure enough, they nearly got swamped a bit further on where the road is all torn up under the water. I'm glad we didn't try it! It would have been a bit nasty swimming in that murky water and a long way to push a flooded bike back to dry ground!
  4. I briefly lost the fellas and was really surprised to cross paths this lone Thai dude riding around all by himself in slip-on loafers on a Kawasaki D-Tracker 125 with nearly bald road tires!

    Super nice guy and he was keen to follow us and also wanted to know if anyone had a waterproof bag for his phone :mrgreen:
  5. We played around in the hilly area that's on the NE side of the reservoir but we all got stuck, including the Thai kid, and pulling the bikes out of that mud was exhausting. We finally made our way back to civilization just after the sun went down. Poor Jake on the CRF450 has no headlight and didn't enjoy that one bit!!

    Looking forward to the next one!!

    The End :happy2:
  6. Your right about that second photo Tony. Its a ripper.
  7. Nice pictures! I took these on Sunday.



    This Thai guy was a champ, wasn't phased a bit!

  8. I've just put a deposit down on a KLX, expect to get it before the end of the month. Where can I learn to ride off road?
  9. Congrats on the new bike! :clap:

    Kawasaki offers offroad riding courses in conjunction with Siam Enduro Club every quarter. These riding courses are a blast and include top notch instruction, lunch and a first aid station.

    Some recent riding course threads:

    [h=3]Kawasaki Enduro Riding Course and Racing at Khao Khiao, Thailand October 27-28th[/h]
    [h=3]Kawasaki Enduro Final Round 15 - 16 December 2012 at Bonanza Khao Yai![/h]
    Next Offroad riding course in Bangkok will be on Saturday, October 26th at Siam Red Bull Park:
  10. Thanks for that! Sod's law, I'm in Singapore attending a stupid fair till 25th and won't be back till 26th evening. Guess will have to wait till December
  11. If you're on facebook join the Bangkok Weekend Warrior page as we get out most weekends and sometimes during the week as well :)

    Bangkok Motorcycle Community and Proud supporters of GT-Rider :happy1:
  12. ***CORRECTION!*** The Kawasaki Enduro event this weekend is at Khao Kiao, Chonburi, NOT Red Bull Park!!

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