AJS /Matchless mechanic needed.

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  1. Does anyone know a Brit bike mechanic? Quality work needed , time not so important. Have a ASJ 1957 Model 20 500cc twin needing complete engine and gearbox rebuild. Can get the spare parts but loath to spend the money if it isn't done properly. Falang or Thai if the work is good. Please ask around, not desperate yet, but need some expertise.
  2. Harry,

    Where are you located?
  3. Mike,

    I am in Korat , but can travel. I work away on a roughly even time so not always in country.
    Can e-mail me on [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] for quicker response.
  4. Harri,

    What we need to do is to link you up with some of the Thai Classic Bike Collectors they will know who to go to. As a hooby I could do the engine but I am not happy with gearboxes.
  5. Thought I had found a guy in Phuket but he is not interested.:-(
  6. Bush pilot,

    Any contact details? I'm seriously looking for someone to say what parts are needed and then get them, and do a good job in putting it together. These twins will do 60,000 miles between overhauls.

  7. You can also try the classic bike shop in BKK. Run by a very dedicated young Thai, nice classics 4 strokes etc. The shop is not easy to find (near Victoria Station), small.
  8. What about the guys down by the National Stadium, Bangkok, have no idea about their work, but whenever I call in there they are always working on the vintage single cylinder BM's
  9. Sir, i am a x classic bike restorer i have restored many AJS model 20 -30 & 31.for more details, [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] or 0817575846, Cheers Edd.
  10. Harry,

    You may also be able to pursuade the Phuket guy if you call direct. Reini, Swiss, 0818919631
  11. Thanks everyone for your assistance I have found a mechanic who is interested in the job.

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