And again.......who is this?

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  1. Not hard to guess for a lot of people that have been here a while. I recently attended his 70th birthday and took this picture
    Hasn't changed, but mellowed somewhat!
  2. It would have to be Lloyd?
  3. The one and only Lloyd, looking good for 70 years!
  4. And isn't that Linda with him????????

    (Not too difficult to guess when you name your photo Lloydlinda.jpg) :lol: :lol:

    Happy Birthday to Lloyd :D
  5. Silverhawk, should have known you'd be the first to pick up on it!
    Another pic with his(most recent) 8 year old daughter and yours truly.
  6. Arh yes Two Moons.....

    Here he is early days on the R1089 Tha Ton - Doi Mae Salong, not long after they cut the road through.


    Two Moons was also on the first Chiang Mai - Sipsongpanna / Jinhong ride in 95.

    And the nickname Two Moons - well that came from a late night of indulgence sitting on the lawns of the old Siam Guesthouse in Chiang Saen, solving the world's problems under a full moon.
    If I recall correctly, present were the Pieri Brothers Pat & Mike, myself, Lloyd plus maybe Scotty007?
    Twas well past midnight & more than one bottle of Mekong had been consumed when Lloyd looked up into the sky, discovered he could see not one, but Two Moons, announced the fact, to astonishingly realize he was somewhat over the limit then immediately got up & staggered off to bed in his bamboo hut without saying another word.
    The nickname Two Moons stuck forever after!
  7. Found an earlier photo with Two Moons on the mighty Honda Fighter 135, myself & another rider on the Doi Tung road.


    Anyone know who the guy on the left is?
    He's living in Chiang Mai & on 4th August 2009 his missus gave birth to their 1st child, a girl named Carla.

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