Anniversary Captain Hans Jensen Phayao

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  1. the 14th October is the anniversary of Captain Han Jensen, a Danish soldier who commanded aThai force to defeat the Shans in their rebellion against Thailand in 1902. The Shans had first rebelled in Phrae beheading the governor & ransacked the city, then headed for Lampang where a force lead by Captai Jensen repelled the Shans..
    The Thai force set off after the Shans but Captain Jensen was killed in battle just south of Phayao.

    There is a memorial to Captain Jensen alongside R1


    More info on GTR here:
    The Capt Hans Jensen Memorial

    The location on the GTR Golden Triangle Guide map

  2. Some more detailed info here.
    Will add it on OSM later.
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  3. Thanks for that link.
    Nice info on there
  4. Hi Oddvar,

    Thank you for posting the link, I found that information most interesting.

    It must have been tough for any farnags coming here in those days. Yet, you can imagine they fell in love with the country, in just the same way that we have, a hundred years later.

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