Another bizarre bike from Honda: the NM4 Vultus

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    "This is a full production bike from Honda called the NM4 Vultus which has just been officially announced.

    The looks are going to be something of an opinion divider for sure and it remains unclear why Honda has done something as oddball as this when the Honda DN-01 was such a resounding failure when it was launched a few years back."


    Full article:
  2. de de de de de de de de de, de de de de de de de, Batman!
  3. :lol-sign:

    But I don't think the bat-bike comes with a backrest... ;)
  4. It was a Miss-print, Vultus was supposed to be spelt Vulgar!!! Incredible!
  5. It looks better than the CTX700! I'm sure manga-reading youngsters are going to love it, especially the Japanese.

    If I would like all the new stuff then there's either something wrong with me or the new stuff!
  6. Looks like the backrest doubles up as the passenger seat. Wouldn't be surprised if it electronically raises to the vertical position with a touch of a switch, very manga :crazy:
  7. It's starting to grow on me...

    It's definitely a "move up" from this scooter:
  8. Looks like something dreamed up in the props department of an early 80's sci-fi movie, of what is predicted we will be riding in the 21st century! And would have looked great in such a movie back then but in 2014 it looks ugly & dated! :yawn:
  9. Perhaps it was designed to avoid radar detection ? Not my cup of tea especially as there's no chrome to polish.
  10. Looks like Honda has restuffed their design department with the longterm guests of a mental institution wonder sales in some EU countries are dropping rapidly, this helped also with a some troublesome QC/QA issues such as with the 500 series or the Furza (Furz means fart in German).............wouldn't touch any Honda bike right now, did have some Waves and a 2.3 Accord in the past 10 years, was not a 'happy customer' at all.
  11. To me the looks of the Vulture is not really the point, I ask myself: Why this? Why didn't Honda develop something else?
    Almost every rider has a wish, be it a 650 single, something like the new Yamaha triple, a smaller V4 or even a bigger scooter.
    But Honda brought - this.
    Quality-wise I have no complaints, my Wave ran fine when I sold it after nine years and 70,000 trouble-free km, and the CRF I bought a year ago did 14,000 km without any issues.
    Funny thing is that when BMW issues a recall it's okay but when Honda does it there are raised eyebrows.
    I've read more quality related complaints online about BMW's expensive 650cc scooters than about the cheap Forza.

    In which countries are Honda sales dropping? Compared to sales of other makes?
  12. Sorry to hear your bad experience with Honda. To be fair, Honda is stilling going strong. It's a big world with many markets. There is a market for "bizarre" bikes too.

    Honda did especially well in the North American market, reporting sales of 250,000 motorcycles (Honda includes scooters and ATV sales in this figure) compared to 200,000 in the previous fiscal year. New models such as the Gold Wing F6B, CRF250L and CRF110 helped spur on sales in North America.
  13. I ride a Honda SH scooter and CRF. I'm happy with both. Cheap and easy to service. No problems so far. Not the most exciting bikes for many but I've found them mechanically sound.
  14. That's weird. yesterday the graph was visible, today you have to sign up to see it......

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