Any good motorcycle apparel taylors in Chiang Mai?

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  1. I've got some motorcycle pants that need altering. The fabric is a pretty tough/course "airmesh kevlar". I've found most taylors are intimidated to work with it and 2 even suggested I go to a shoe cobbler.

    Really though the biggest thing I need altered is the placement of the knee armor on the inside which is held there by a light weight liner. I'm pretty sure any taylor could do that part but with my lack of Thai, I've just had the shake their heads and walk me out the door before they see that part.

    Any recommendations? Thanks!!
  2. A follow up question - I noticed there was a taylor named Neramit recommended on this site but there doesn't seem to be any shop there anymore? And the number I got off the website doesn't work.
    Did they move?
  3. Just to answer my last post Neramit is still around with a new phone - I'll edit this post shortly with gps and that number (don't have it on me).

    Right now though has nearly a 2 week wait on suits and 4 day wait on just pants. He restitched failing velcro on the spot for free - would take anything, but didn't want to touch/mess with moving the knee armor up.

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