Any importers on here?

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  1. alanr1610

    alanr1610 Active Member

    Hi Guys,
    Came out to live in Thailand in November 2009. Have been involved with big bikes in Thailand since day one and unfortunately in the UK now still getting my leg fixed up after a hit and run Sept 2011. Whilst I have been here in the UK bike prices and availability has been nawing away at me again. I am aware of all the problems with getting used bikes into Thailand etc, but it appears to be who you know rather than what you know.
    I would really love to have an Aprilia Caponord ETV 1000 to use in Thailand. You can pick up a good 2005 unit here from £3000 - £3500 here at the moment.

    Does anybody know anybody that could import such a bike from the UK or Europe and if so what costs would be involved to get it in and green book registered based on the costs above. I remember reading Monsterman imports from Japan so maybe you could help with this. I have tried getting the wife to talk with Thai dealers without success.
    I will probably end up with another Versys but seems ashame not to have what your heart desires.

    I don't want to rehash threads of old but any real answers would be welcombe.

    Many thanks.

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  3. bill

    bill Ol'Timer

    MY Bike Ad with Pictures

    I havent used them but their website advertises the services you require.
  4. alanr1610

    alanr1610 Active Member

    Thanks for that Bill. I'll have a look and see where it goes.
  5. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    I really wonder if JC Speed can really get a bike into Thailand from UK and make it fully registered green book legal,,,,I have not seen any proof on any forum of success , so i remain very interested for my own UK collection of bikes but very skeptical that it is only a dream.
  6. Linds

    Linds Ol'Timer

    I have asked SpeedShop the same question by e-mail.
    Still waiting for a reply.
    But if you look at there website it only deals with dirtbikes which are a grey area here.
    Our Thai office company Lawyer has looked for me(Mekong and Labmoo in excess bought including the flower garlands lol)
    and he reckons that it is possible if done officially and correct,Evan with the new supposed regulations,our company also imports things with engines that never will leave or be re-sold.
    Loads of negative personnel experiences on this club site,but don't give up hope.
    As a note import is a problem world wide if your papers are not complete Thailand is no different and has stayed the same,just that your agent has now got to be Olympic Qualifier pole vaulter with 2000rai worth of eucalyptus trees for all the paper.

  7. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Save Yourself all the Headaches and Hassles and Just Buy whatever is Avalible Legally, Sold and Serviced here in Thailand. So many People have tried the same as You are suggesting and it never seems to Change. It is only going to get more difficult also. The Pressure will also increase on Grey Imports and who knows what action they could take in the Future? Worth Risking losing Your Bike?
  8. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    I am in the market for another bike at the moment but nothing locally available legally at 500,000 baht takes my fancy

    the old Ducati will have to soldier on alone .
  9. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Save yourself a lot of time, money & stress = buy locally.
    If it was that easy to outsmart the system, the locals who speak, read, write the language, understand the culture, system & live here would be doing it by the thousand. But they DON'T.
  10. alanr1610

    alanr1610 Active Member

    I have had several positive phone conversations with Jamie from SpeedShop who has quoted prices for importing and registering with green books. Will keep you posted of progress.

  11. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    Many of us have used him.. One of the posters on 'the other forum' has 2 road regged bikes and 2 dirt bikes all done by Jamie..

    I just bought a gas gas a few weeks ago.

    The rules are changing tho, used is getting much harder.. New ones still fine.
  12. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    But they do..

    Dr Big Bike, D_Big Bike, Eak @ K-Speed, etc etc etc.. Theres 100's of grey market bikes coming in and being registered for years.

    You need connections, and its a lot cheaper to pass emissions first time when its done with some grease.. But its not like grey bikes are a new thing.
  13. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    I used to be involved in importing bikes from 2004 to 2009 , but my experience then was that bikes imported from japan went through legalisation fairly painlessly we brought in 63 HDs and 9 ducatis all got green books relatively easily within 6 months .it was very good for a while .

    However when we tried bringing bikes in from USA and europe we got burned very badly some made it to green book status quickly within 6-9 months ,others took forever to get legal and we lost a few on the way as well which really hurt .cost us a few million baht .
    Now i am no longer involved but talking to some old (friends) it does seem that the flow of grey bikes from japan is still coming although at a reduced rate and the people involved still seem confident of their (connections ) and business models .......but I am curious about any coming from other sources especially Europe or USA .

    The other interesting fact that my contacts in the trade tell me is that farang , buyers have been very thin on the ground for last 3 years compared to before , which is the reason i sold out my share back in 2009 most grey sales are to Thais.

    Farangs prefer now to buy New bikes .
  14. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    Well word is that second hand imports are changing and not for the better.. Theres still no issue with engines or parts, but used frames (which of course the green book is 'keyed' to) are now banned.. Theres a story doing the rounds someone went to collect the frame sent in and they had taken a torch cutter to it and simply cut it in half.. Nice !!..

    New frames can still apparently come in, and I just had a quote on Jamie (speed shop) registering a KTM from cambodia (where a 690 SMCR is 12k USD v the 20 plus 1000 USD they are here !!!) and it still comes in many many 1000 cheaper than buying from KTM Thailand (again emphasizes what a rip of KTM Thailand are) to pay all taxes, fees, bribes, and registrations... Jamies done a whole slew of bikes for people I know in the last year, all registrations happened as he said, the times he said and the prices he said. As far as I am concerned I would trust him.
  15. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Next time i am in BKK I will contact Jamie
  16. yankee99

    yankee99 Ol'Timer

    What is the going rate for a import from cambodia?
  17. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    Depends on multiple variables, engine size etc..

    Also hes been doing some deals to guys who have done other purchases so unsure if I got a mates rates price or not having bought a bike the week before. But he quoted me 140k to fully legalize (import tax, excise tax, emissions test, register) a new KTM 690 SMCR.

    I would assume I would have to get the bike parted out and to the border. But to be fair I was just fishing and didnt get into the nuts and bolts. If your seriously considering it then just call him, hes easy to talk to and pretty open about it all.
  18. yankee99

    yankee99 Ol'Timer

    I am also fishing ;]. I am seriously in the market for a bigger bike. I have not decided exactly what would be best of all worlds.
  19. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    Hey yankee, me to......but to only get the er6/ninja/versys on the menu because of low mileage & genuine green books is killing me.....i want some choice!!!

    Don't get me wrong, all 3 kwaks are good bikes but i hate the idea of having to pay exotic money for something a little different!!
  20. yankee99

    yankee99 Ol'Timer

    Hi Joel my list is somewhat different. My problem is deciding which style of bike i would use more? I dont think a cruiser would be practical as how many long hwy trips would i take. So i would consider a streetfighter or sportbike. I spent 2 hours at the ducati shop yesterday. I am having a hard time overlooking 28,000dollar price tags.....So maybe a z1000 or suzuki gsx for me. I will keep the dtracker/klx
  21. single track rider

    single track rider New Member

    Although I heard from some people there was a good service and sales it seems that is past.
    I ordered a bike from Speedshop Thailand in 2012 but never got it. Had many excuses from the "bikes are on the way", "bikes will be in bkk this week" till "i'll call you back today". But sadly never get a call back or reply with any information.

    After two months i started to ask for more info, after 3 months for my money back- it's Feb 2013!!. I have 2 friends order a bike from him and same story.Finally 5 months(!) later got my money back. Just like to aware all you guys that things are going down hill with service and reliability of speedshop. Not sure it is a money issue -but sure a lack of respect for customers. In all those months me, nor my freinds get any explanation what was going on or why bikes were not coming. Every time he was buying time by saying i call you back, bikes are on the way or next week.

    Any one that want to buy a bike with speedshop, trust me, if the bike is in Thailand buy it. but my advice: dont down pay or pay in advance. Just dont wish any one goes trough the same as I did and pass it on. cheers

  22. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Single track rider
    You were right...
  23. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    How did you go?
  24. single track rider

    single track rider New Member

    Too bad I was right though...

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