Any info on flooding in the CMX area...

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  1. I am in BKK getting ready to come to CMX to do some riding. All we hear from the news here is the flooding "upcountry". Is any of this in the CMX area, and if so is it affecting any of the commonly used riding roads?

    It seems the train from BKK may not be running because of washed out tracks so flying up may be necessary.

    Any insight would be appreciated. :p

  2. Heavy rain a few weeks ago did lead to some flooding, but now the rain is less frequent and shorter in duration. Have been riding around Northern region regularly and have not met any flood on the main routes. I am sure you will find some great riding. No info on train service, but I believe the VIP buses are faster than the trains, and they are certainly still running.
  3. Thanks for the info John. I guess I'm just a train freak and in the US there's not much chance to ride one. Glad to hear the riding is still OK. I will see if I can get train info here.

  4. Having said no problem with flooding, I thought I ought to update situation. Today Wed 28th authorities were worried about high levels at one of the reservoirs North of Chiang Mai, so they gave notice that they would have to open the dam sluice gates at about 11am this morning, consequently the River Nam Ping has burst it's banks and the areas near the river are now flooding, including the lower areas of the town centre, such as the night market area. Have to see how bad it gets, but it's also raining again
  5. Mae Ngat. Appears that it's crested the levels of the 2005 flood which was 4.9 m. Though some reports from the Chiang Mai land area is the waters are lower in several houses and business this morning than last year. Roads in Nong Hoi in all direction are mostly under water, with several road closures since midnight - and the water has come up alot very early this morning.

    Hope every bodies houses and belongings weather this well!

    Edit, rode back from Mae Sai last night and the route was fine.
  6. I think the Situation has changed Considerably since these Guys posted! My Kids have been off School yesterday and today as they Can't even get to it because of Flooding? There is Major Flooding everywhere along the Ping River in town! There were photos on the internet last night of Rim Ping Supermarket and other Areas under water!
  7. I just returned to my hotel in the Wat Ket area just east of the Ping river after a few days on the MHS Loop. Had to negotiate thigh deep water to get there. All the riverside restaurants (Riverside, Good View etc) are flooded as is the Rimping supermarket area as mentioned by Ian.
  8. Great pics Ron. I think I've already seen some of them on the Chiang Mai Mail website. Are you their new roving photographer ;)

    What's surprised me is not the actual flooding but the speed that the water is flowing down some of the sois. You could almost go white water rafting, in fact I saw a girl on an airbed doing just that.


  9. Here's another one I took this afternoon.

    Young love seems to be fairly waterproof.

  10. Ron & Cap'n Wally thanks for posting some great pix.
  11. I second that! Fantastic Photos! Love the one of the Kids still playing on the Computers, nothing Stops them! "Through Hell and High Water"!!!
  12. Yes indeed great photos. Thanks Ron.
  13. Fantastic pics, Thanks a lot!

    That of the gamers just cracked me up :D
  14. Being in VN I've been waiting for some pics from CM........great stuff ron.
  15. Thanks for the great pix, Ron and Captain Wally.

  16. Well the water in the river and the town streets has gone down quickly and from a motorcycling perspective the town and surrounding roads are all passable and mostly dry, so I guess that those who want to come for a biking trip up North should find it worthwhile. However I know lot of water is still heading on down to the middle and lower parts ot Thaland and many areas are still flooding, so how the traveling to get to the North is, I do not know.
    There is good feeling up here in the North that the weather is changing for the better and we are hoping the rainy season is fading out. Time will tell
  17. Hi to all , a group of us on 8 bikes plan to ride from Singapore to MHS next wk but worry abt the flood condition in thailand. Can someone please update on the flood condition?
  18. Should be "no problem" by then.
    The MHS Loop will be ok, although some of the asphalt is not in great shape Pai - Cnx I'm told.
    GaryD rode up last week & did Tak - Mae Sot - Mae Sarieng.
    Around Nakhon Sawan I think he had some trouble, but in another week you should be ok.
  19. Hi Davidfl, message well noted thank you.

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