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  1. Hi there:
    Just found out of this place call Umphang. Like to know have anyone visited this place?
    Heard that there are hundreds of corner from Mae Sot to Umphang.

  2. Phuah
    Yeah that's route 1090 & it's around 180 kms from Mae Sot to Umphang.
    I have not been down there for a few years and it was a hell of a tight winding twisting road then. Bloody tiring as we did it down & back in a day from Mae Sot. I don't think that the road is anymore tighter, steeper or winding than route 1095 from Mae Malai - Pai - Mae Hong Son, but the road surface was not anywhere as good as route 1095. So this seems to make the road more exciting and wild.
    Unfortunately there is no way out & you have to back track from Umphang, doing the road twice. For some people this is a bit of a pain & puts them off doing the road.
    If you take a look at the Road Photo Gallery ... ameSet.htm
    you will see some shots of route 1090. The image nos. are 118 – 125.
    This pics were taken at the top (North) end of route 1090, before it gets into the mountains proper.
    I hope this is a help. If anyone else knows anything pls post.
    (Phuah if you do the road mate lets have a report!)

    Keep the power on
  3. Hi David:
    Presently the group of us are identifying places to visit when we will have our December one month ride around Thailand.
    Last December ride, because I have not write down any details during the ride , so have not done any report. Will try to do it for this year ride.
    We are also planning to pay you a visit when we are up north.


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