Anybody down South (Bkk, Pattaya) planning an off road ride this weekend?

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  1. I am planning to ride my KLX down to Pattaya for the weekend. Anybody up for an off road excursion with a newbie?
  2. Busy Friday and Saturday but keen to get out on the KLX on Sunday. Have you ever been to Khao Kiao? Big wilderness area with a great variety of trails.
  3. I'm in if I'm around at the weekend, need to get the bike dirty again to hide the scratches!
  4. Sounds great guys. Let's keep the thread open for a couple more days and then we decide on the specific time and route. Supposedly, there are a bunch of guys that ride regularly on Sunday down in Pattaya so that might be a good idea to discover some new trails as well.
  5. Hey YY! A real pleasure to finally meet you!

    I like Khao Kiao because it's relatively close to Bangkok and the Khao Kiao Country Club is a great place to cool down for lunch, but it would be cool to hook up with Pattaya-based riders, make some new friends and discover some new trails, so wherever you choose works for me! :happy2:
  6. Got a reply back from one of the Pattaya guys, the rides they do are not for newbies so that counts me out riding with them. Would you mind just doing some Khao Kiao trials then?
  7. Bo Din (Minburi) is aslo a fun place to practise and learn how to handle the bike off-road, nice cold beers on the floating restaurant always sees a nice end to the day too :)
  8. Argh! I'm dreadfully sorry- I got my dates mixed up. My son is arriving from New York tonight and I will return him to his mother on Sunday morning. I'm trying to find a place that can rent me a pickup truck but so far coming up empty... IF I can get a truck I'll load the bike in the back and drive down to Khao Kiao after I drop off my boy. If I can't find a truck I wouldn't be able to make it down until mid day which would be too late really...

    Anyone know of a rental place that has trucks available in Bangkok now? I've tried Avis, Budget, SiamRentACar and ThaiRentACar and they're all out... >.<

    Tony 0868052274
  9. Bo Din would work for me!!! But I believe YY is going down to Pattaya to collect his Versys so...
  10. Good news! I was able to get a pickup for the weekend :)
    i'll put the KLX in the back and drive down to Khao Kiao after I drop my son off in the morning.
    Looking forward to Sunday! :happy
  11. Great news! What time shall we meet up and where? GPS coordinates would be great. See you there! Have to take it easy on the booze on the Sat nt then, haha.
  12. A fun afternoon of bikes and beers with the boys!

    Khun Prasert who lives minutes from Bo Din and rides an immaculate RM-Z 250 has built two tracks and charges a very modest 60 baht, money well spent as he's also filled and graded the access road :thumbup:

    Here are a few pics of YY on the enduro track-



    I brought along my "mechanic", here he is hammering my bike back into shape ;)

    Beers and balloons on the lake at the end of the day- life is good!!

    Pic of the day :mrgreen:
    Buying a bike: 85000
    Tank of gas: 300
    Getting your gf to help you bump start: Priceless!!
  13. Thanks Tony and Jake for showing me the ropes. Only two falls, a lot less than I expected. I think I need to push harder next time..... haha
  14. Good fun! Don't worry about pushing, that's Sunny's job! :mrgreen:

    Happy New Year! Let's hit the dirt again SOON!


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