Anybody have elevation profiles from Phonsavan to Na Meo for attempting bicycle ride

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  1. I currently in Phonsavan and plan to ride my bicycle east of here on Route #7, turning left on Route #6 going north, through Xam Neua, and up to and through the Vietnamese border at Na Meo.

    I can't find much elevation information for this route.
    If anybody has any of this info, please post it. It would be a big help, so I can have an idea of what I am up against.

    - Eric
  2. 277153=9163-Phonsavan%20to%20Muang%20Kham%20Elevation%20profile.

    Phonsavanh to Moung Kham

    Moung Kham to Ban Pakha (20 km south of Hin Tang turn-off)

    Ban Pakha to Hua Moung

    Hua Moung to San Neua

    And, I didn't get beyond Sam Neua, sorry.

  3. Eric

    BTW, please post a Trip Report when you're able. I've got a friend who wants to do that trip.

    I was up as far as the Nam Nuen river for lunch a couple months ago, did pass one bicycler on the road, he looked tired.

  4. Mac,

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for taking the time to post it. I printed it out, and this will be a big help.

    - Eric

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