Anybody heard of an Ebab ECU for D-Tracker/KLX?

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  1. I have heard that somebody in Bangkok has developed an ECU for the KLX/D-Tracker engine, it's called Ebab (not sure about the spelling), obviously it is unrestricted and assume in general will offer better performance.
    Has anybody heard about it? Where to buy? Prices/Specs?

    Hope somebody can help.

  2. Hi,
    The shop name is Ebab - in Bangkok. but we can't seem to find it in Google searches.
    Has anyone heard of this shop?
    Suppose to be around 5k baht for the ECU. Made in Thailand

  3. Found all this stuff on the Kawasaki Forum under Stand Alone Tuning ECU for KLX 250, seems they are available Kawasaki Pattaya three different ones.

    Originally Posted by chatbovon viewpost.gif
    Today API technician has just came back from Pattaya Kawasaki shop. He went to teach and suggest API ECU user and train all of Kawasaki staff in Thailand.

    API ECU Thai version was developed under many point of condition of employer (secret) which concentrates in unharmed the engine and consumes the gas in acceptable range by the reason of them. This will make you feel free and confident in your bike.

    Indian : please follow, for the basically, hold the start button for a longer time. After engine start, screw to adjust throttle down to 2000rpm quickly. Then stop adjusting and wait, when engine temperature increase to 40 degree Celsius, auto speed idle will control idle speed automatically. If you try to tune throttle after auto speed worked, you will not able to control idle and the engine will be hard to start. You will feel easier to start engine if you follow these suggestion.
    Your ECU is Thai version “fixed box” which was reduced power from full performance of API ECU by the reason of employer for not be the problem to warrantee. Finally the difference from export KLX device, you have to calibrate your ECU to most optimal to your bike and up more power. But you cannot tune “fixed box”. If you want to do, you have to send back to API and upgrade your ECU to “tuning box”. Its cost about 3500 bath (82 euro) then you will get tuning wire and program. For exhaust, they cannot tell you what is the best, you have to find yourself, each bike have not the same condition but “fixed box” can support VE about 5%.

    hello chatbovon,

    i am gonna send you the ecu ,but wich way is the best to send it,and how i send you the money?(western union,bank transfer ).also i dont know to much from motorbikes and computers,so i dont know its possible for me to tune itconfused.gif.
    today i installed a 45 tooth rearsprocket and i can lift it up a little easier,but not to much difference accept that the gears are shorter now and the power comes quicker ,i think..
    and can you(somebody)give me some more information to make my bike more acceleration power??i read something about camshafts,but where you find those things and let them install.because i could never do that
    thx for the reply and greetings from sin city

  4. Found this today, looks like the same Guys.
  5. Hi I'm Chatbovon
    I've never heard Ebab but I know EPap. He is one of API's dealers. For more info. API produce 2 main versions ECU , Thai and global. Today, you can buy Thai "fixed box" at almost Kawa shop and some spare parts dealer in Thailand. In this videoclip ( ), API's guys are testing Thai "Tuning box". Tuning program as shown in videoclip, is Thai language and now they are developing to English nearly completing. If you have any question, feel free to ask me, here or facebook. :)
  6. Hi all I've been running one of these API Ecu's on my bike with good results , i seen the company advertising in one of the Thai bike mags for replacement ECU's so i gave them a call and they weren't ready with them that was 6 months ago then about 6 weeks ago a gave them a call again and they said they were finished and they had 3 different models to pick from starting at 5000bht for the fixed road version to about 10,000 bht for a fully tunable one with software and a lead to the pc .

    Two days later got a call from them saying there tech guy was in Isan and would come and see me if i wanted (what great service) i agreed .He came to my house and swapped over my ECU (to the road version) the bike ran great much better through the whole rev range i was impressed then he put the mappable one one and showed me the software and how to adjust everything was here for a good hour or so .

    I decided that i would go for the road version he said there was a race version as well as the fully adjustable one and also they had a map for running with a klx 300 barrel /piston as well .Unfortunately he didn't have any for sale with him but i managed to pick one up at the Kawasaki Main dealer in Udon a few days later

    The only down side with them is when the bike starts from cold its a bit lumpy for the first minute or two but after that its fine hope this info is of interest to you all
  7. Could You post any Contact Details please, E-Mail, Phone Numbers, address etc as I am sure some of the Readers would like to Buy them? Great News so thanks!
  8. Hi all

    I've heard about your story from Mr.Patpong, same guy in video clip. He is API's technician, supervise ECU for bigbike especially for Kawasaki, his email address [email protected] or [email protected] (he open @gmail more often than and don't ask wrong spelling "tecn", he miss during registering Haha).
  9. I've heard from API guy about your story. His name is Patpong, called him Pong, the same guy in video clip, he is API's technician, supervise bigbike ECU especially Kawasaki. If you want to contact him, email to [email protected] or [email protected]. He check @gmail more often than @apitechonline and do not ask about spelling "tecn" in @gmail, it's because of missing during registering.
  10. hi again all this is there website and ill contact the tech guy today and see if he is ok to post his number on here ok

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