Anyone around in March?

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  1. Hi folks
    I'm going to be in Chiang Mai approx Mar 18 to 20, 2004 and would love to hook up with anyone touring and/or local for beers, quick ride or whatever.

    Also, looking at the possibility of riding Ayutthaya-Kanchanaburi and back the following week (approx Mar 22 to 25). Am I insane or not?

    Looking forward to riding soon - my last (freezing bloody cold) ride was in late November, and my little 78 KZ 200 doesn't get to come out of hibernation till early April.

    Finally - I'll be travelling through Phnom Penh March 8 & 9 if anyone's around. Any advice on Cambodian riding?
  2. Hellion
    For some info on Cambodia riding, just take a look at the following posts. ... hichpage=1 ... hichpage=1 ... hichpage=1 ... hichpage=1

    Keep the power on
  3. Thanks David!

    I'm packing to leave right now - will look things over when I arrive. Can't wait for some great food, warm weather and some Culture Shock!
  4. I will be around 18 in chiang mai and I would certainly add some value to this adventerous company. I would be glad to drink some beer to both of you. I am arriving on the 12 in Bangkok and heading north.

    keep on the good work and spirit

    Nikos (Greece)
  5. I'll be arriving Chiang Mai about 23 March and looking for a couple of weeks riding if anyone's interested. I've done the loop a couple of times but this time might try more offroad or maybe even a trip to Laos. Cheers, Andy
  6. I just arrived in CM and if anyone is interestd in teaming up for a ride or chat/beer I will be arround

    I started my journey last Saturday when I spend all day in order to find a decent (big) bike. Dont waste your time, I took a private bus on Sunday morning (cause no train on Sunday to dest) to Pattaya where I hired a decent steed and Headed south to ko samet in order to test the bike and relax. In the ban phe pier there is a guaranteed parking where you park you bike to go to the island (50 baht).

    Next morning I went back and headed north. Dont take the elevated toll way but continue on motorway no7 in order to bypass all trafic. In every toll station i was stopped by the police asking me to leave the motorway since its not for bikes but with a liitle chit chat everything went ok. Sunday afternoon was in Ayuthaya saw some really nice wats and renter a room in Bahn kun phra teak guesthouse next to the river bank (dont try the breakfast). Dont miss this neither its restaurant

    On Tuesday I headed to Tak where i had a lovely evening eating on the grass in the park where the foodmarket is. Really delicius, cheap and friendly people. By the way the best route for this is not highway no1 but the smaller one on the left of it as you stare at the map.

    Wednesday i stopped in Suchotai had a pleasant ride through the national park (great market in the park) and rode to Lampang where one of the most beatiful places to stay is the riverside guesthouse again wooden style next to the river with great breakfast.

    And today I am in CM after a stop in the elphant conservation camp (cool).

    So hellion you are not insane riding Ayutthaya-Kanchanaburi and back

    I guess i am going to do CM-lop bury or Kanchanaburi in one day cause i have to give back the bike on the 24 in Pattaya. so if you want company...

    The coutry side was magnificent, especially the small villages on the road. Road conditions where perfect except the last 50 km to Tak which reminded me of Greece (but after all i have an on/off bike there, thats why i quited my custom)

    keep on the good mood

    ps: my mobile no is +306972823751 if anyone is around
  7. Nikos
    Swing by either the Kafe at 9.00 pm or Rudi's Sax Bar at 10.00 pm for a beer. Just ask for David.

    Keep the power on
  8. Hi David,

    better late than never, sorry for not responding earlier but since i was back to Greece the work that i have left behind just gotten over me.

    Thanks for the advice and the easy going chat we had that night. Actually what followed was quite adventurous (exactly what i was looking for).

    In between the check of the oil leakage in Auan motorcycle mechanic store (113 Prapokklao RD) I did the Samoeng loop which is essential for a cool easy going drive, nice turns great pit stops in lakes and waterfalls.

    The following day I picked my bike and started for the Mae hong son loop. I stopped at Pai where i spend 2 days in these little bamboo houses that you mentioned. Great atmosphere, by the river in those simple houses, not to mention the night life if you choose to get a drink. Unfortunately my bike broke down again and I couldnt continue to MHS nor fix it in Pai since I had a serious oil leakage again. So I returned i CM km by km, rolling down the mountains with the engine turned off and some kgrs of extra oil to refill. I left again the bike in AUAN to fix it and took it back next day. I had 24 hours to give it back to where i have rented it (Pattaya !!!). But again the bike betrayed me as I was leaving CM, (massive oil leakage), so I called AUAN, which was indeed a very helpfull guy (if you ever need something i am sure he can help everyone(tel 09-5585258), and he found me JOE, a typical gentle thai guy with a pick up car, who with little money took me in Pattaya non stop (we commenced at 17.00 and were in Pattaya at 10.00 the following morning). I gave back the bike and have one of the best swimn in the sea.

    Then got my plnae back to Athens.

    I surely did't see the northern countryside, but I surely got a overall view of the whole country which differs significantly from the south to the north. I surelly dont want to spent time again in BKK but i am impatiently waiting to explore the northern part in detail next time. It really is very beatifull.

    I will sent you all the pictures i got from all over the country if anyone is intersted of the place i have seen.

    David 2 questions
    1. Did you get the BMW you were planning ?
    2. Is it dangerous to ride from CM through Laos (seems its more an impression than actual danger isn't it?)

    And something i have seen in CM and has become my motto ever since

    "dont dream your life, simply live your dream"
    hopefully I will see you again for a beer


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