Anyone have a Suzuki EN150 ?

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  1. G'day folks.
    We have a Honda Future 125 underbone in storage at Vung Tau.
    The Future is a great little bike but we found it somewhat underpowered on the big climbs when touring 2 up and loaded.
    Before returning home I checked out all the bike shops in Vung Tau and the EN looked to be the most suitable for our future touring needs.
    I have the details, specifications,price etc but I would appreciate some real world information from a EN owner/rider.How does the bike compare with 125cc underbones with hill climbing power, cruising speed, comfort, suspension, economy etc. With special regard to the suspension as the Future was sadly lacking in that department,plus the hinge in the frame caused a moment I have no wish to experience again :mrgreen:.
    Real bike next trip and the wife will just have to learn about the clutch.
    Cheers, Macca
  2. No one rides a EN150 ?
    One reason I'm trying to track down an owner/rider is comparing the stats the EN looks a bit under whelming for a 150cc
    The EN is a manual clutch 6 speed with fuel injection, the Future a 4 speed centrifugal clutch with carburettor.Only one kw for 25cc extra capacity ?
    I hoping the 6 speed box and FI will make it go better than the stats look.
    8.8 KW
    11 NM Torque

    7.8 KW
    10.6 nm torque

    Or a Yamaha 150
    12 KW
    Nice but $$$ vndvndvnd :roll:

    Some one must have a EN,and be able to give us some info.I hope :smile1:
    Cheers, Macca
  3. Nobody :?
    Not here or ADV,HU.
    Looks like its only the few locals that ride the EN Suzuki.
    The stepson(Vietnamese)did some checking on VN websites ,all he found out was the ENs were "OK, good fuel economy, strong" that's it :D
    I was hoping for a little more info but will now just trade the Honda when I get back in December and hope for the best.
    Cheers, Macca
  4. Yep that's why I posted in the Vietnam General Discussion section but no luck.
  5. To buy or to hire. Used one of these in Southern Highlands in Vietnam....1700ks round trip. The bike was great, didn't push it over 80kph, handle all roads well, really good in the mountains. Here's where it came from.
    <img src="" url].
  6. Thanks Conemeister.
    That's the info I was looking for.I had decided to take pot luck and buy anyway,your post reinforces my decision.
    Returning to VN 17/12/15.EN on 19th.
    Cheers, Macca
  7. Well that was an interesting trip.
    Suzuki En150 still listed as a new(ish) model on Suzuki Vietnams web site with specs and price for all to see ---------but ?
    There are no EN 150s available in any of the 25 + bike shops we checked in Saigon and city's south. We were informed by the only half interested Suzy salesman that its been discontinued and a new model "could possibly" be released in Vietnamese rubber time.
    The Honda 125 underbone was pressed into service once more, another 2,800 kl of exploring the south complete with pillion,panniers etc.Never misses a beat that little bike but the suspension and power are still lacking.Now in storage once more until our 3 months in the north starts in August when if all else fails the Honda will have some suspension mods made and be thrashed up the mountains.
    Cheers, Macca
  8. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the market. But Honda sold a CG 125 in the UK. It had a bullet proof engine. Maybe you can get one of those?

    Or make a cash offer to the rental company for their EN 150?

    There is a big difference in VN regarding the dl so you might want a bike with up to 175 cc.

    Good luck!

  9. Thanks for the thoughts Chris.
    There is a few 125 GN( ?)Suzukis kicking about but mostly well used.
    I had a mind set on a "new" EN,not just for the next trip but as a long term bike to set up as a tourer & keep in country.
    We will see what turns up in the next 5 months.
    There is a FZ150 Yamaha in the shops for well over $6,000 0z. As its a stripped down model of the full fairing bike sold here in Oz for $4,200(and I thought we were getting ripped off with Govt tax's :p)its off the wish list.
  10. Hi Guys,

    We have a number of Suzuki En's available for rent in Hanoi and we can arrange a drop of in our HCMC branch. If you keen on buying we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

    So far there have been very reliable and popular to rent so we plan to keep them and expand our fleet.


    We rent our Suzuki EN for $25 per/day.

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