Anyone visiting CNX from USA in Jan/Feb?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Pikey, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Pikey


    I'm looking for someone to bring some Honda intake valves over for me (3 pairs so a very small package) as I cannot get them delivered direct to Thailand from the supplier in the US.

    If anyone is visiting Chiang Mai and would be kind enough to take delivery of the valves in the US and bring them over, I'd very much appreciate it and would shout a few beers too.

    Can either reply within the thread or PM me.


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  3. what intake valves do u need,,,,iam from australia,,mayebe we have them here..coming to thailand soon
  4. Pikey


    Hi Ivan,

    3 pairs for '96 up Honda XR250 but not Honda OEM as they seem to wear very quickly. I was going to order "Vesrah" valves from the US but the timing was wrong for someone who leaves on friday [:(].

    If you can look, I'd appreciate it.


  5. ok...will check it out,,,,i think the XR 250 parts are very similar through to 2006..c what i can find...
  6. benbrown

    benbrown New Member

    I live in the United States in Maryland. I will be coming to Chiang Mai on January 29. Two friends and I are definitely touring the Mae Hong Son loop but we're even thinking of doing the whole Golden Triangle. I wouldn't mind bringing you some parts. Contact me via email through the board.
  7. harrythefinn

    harrythefinn Ol'Timer

    All the newer XR's seem go thru intake valves, the stainless ones from XR'S Only seem to last.
    Went thru 2 OEM sets on the 650 and a mate did the same until we went to stainless. Multiple XR250's year 2003 up have gone thru valves in Cambodia.
  8. Pikey


    Thanks for the info Harri.

    Have now sorted delivery for the valves and once installed and run for a while, can let you know the longevity of them as the price is approx the same as OEM.

    Thanks for all the responses and offers to help.


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