article in german mag: 25 years BMW GS

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  1. Absolutely fantastic article and good to know that they sponsor(In the tank) is high quality magazine as well,, well "Oiled" Machine those 2 together :wink:

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  2. DAS MOTORRAD is the leading MC mag in Germany, lots of interesting article and useful information. Here's a link to the PIRELLI calendar - all years from 1964 to 2006. ... 09784.htm#

    href="" target="_blank"> PirelliApr.

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  3. Hi Friends,

    The regreted Belgium Gaston RAHIER (dit le Nain Jaune) and the French Hubert AURIOL (dit l' Africain) highly contributed to the success of the BMW oof road bike brand and GS model along the Paris-Dakar and different races.

    I had the great chance to frequent Gaston in the past and tooke over his Paris-Dakar Toyota Land Cruiser proto in 1998. A "Giant" Man for such a small size.

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