Attapue - Lake Nong Fa

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    GPS Make / Model:- Zumo 660

    GPS Track Name:- Attapue - Lake Nong Fa

    GPS Track Recorded by:- brian_bkk

    Start :- Attapue

    End:- Lake Nong fa

    Way Points:-

    Date :- January 2012

    Season :- Cool

    Conditions :- Cool and dry.

    Link to trip report :-

    Other comments you would like to add:-

    The paved road to the border is great.. except for a huge Cobra that reared up across the road as we went past....
    The trail up to Lake Nong Fa is a bit disappointing. Dusty, steep with gravel and in general.. not that pleasant.. Guess that is due to the gold mine along the way..
    The lake itself is not that special. 1,200 metres high and cold.. No real option for a swim.. though looking at the mountain ridges away from the lake is impressive.

    The lake is right in the middle of below image.. As Rex said.. Looks more impressive on Google Earth..or below in this case than in real life :)




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    A couple of pictures of the lake and how high it is, to help put the graph and Google Earth images in to perspective

    Lake Nong Fa


    The view looking away from Lake Nong Fa at the waters edge

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