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  1. Hi friends, must say I'm sorry for my 4 months absence from the board. Now that I get finally settled in Chiang Mai and the new demanding job, there's again time & need to enjoy life after work. I'm now working with a british company in Lamphun's Saha Industrial Estate and living in Koolpuntville 9 Village near Hang Dong. House is finished and guests are welcome. Although the time for riding is not yet here (starts August), I am looking very much forward to it already. Just imagine, my beloved project the SRX6 had to sit idle for more than 4 months. I want to thank all my friends who kept me updated through calls and emails and in a good mood, Peter, Craig, Marco, Ally, Tony and Pikey, many thanks !! It was not easy as to settle into a new working environment is getting harder by age. Identifying and solving major problems at work is my foremost task right now. Aaaaand I haven't forgotten my promise of a housewarming party. As October seems a good time for me I will do it on the Sat 24th then. I will be on the forum now again, mainly early mornings or late evenings !! Happy to be back again !!!!! Cheers, Franz
  2. Welcome back buddy!

    Good to see you've got over the move and start of a new job and are starting to settle down.

    Get back on the road and blow off those cob webs!!
  3. franz

    Welcome back and as always work less party harder,,, much more fun,,,anyhow,, me and peter have already planned to come and molest your fridge,,would there be any beer left? :wink:

    Looking forward your rides and reports....
  4. You came up in coversation yesterday Franz. Glad to see a gallant return and more importantly welcome to thye dysfunctional neighborhoods of Chiang Mai.

    Here's to getting back the life you cherish. Let us know when you are out and about.
  5. Welcome back.
    We were wondering where you were.
    Good to hear things are settling down for you now.
  6. Yes Franz, great to see you back on the board + at MotoGP on Sunday.
  7. Hi there neighbour & welcome back to civilisation ! (

    See you around soon :wink:


    (This comment does not infer this GT-Rider Forum to be a civilised environment)
  8. Well Peter & Marco, it wouldn't be normal if my fridge wouldn't get molested... :evil: . anyway, Boonrawd brewery is just around the corner....... :D , Justin-John-Colin-David-Ally, first at my house gets one bottle of austrian sparkling wine from me !!!! :lol: No joke !
    It's good to be back to a normal life !! Soon I'm gonna post more again. Biking starts first weekend of August, can't wait for it. Tried to go to the plant, out of 8 times in 2,5 months, I got soaked 4 times........ :cry: Thanks for your answers, they freshsn me up !! As you may have noticed, name: 'Franz - Eastern Seaboard' got too long and people having lived near Pattaya such a long time do not want any chance of getting associated with it therefor simply ' Franz' , cheers, Franz
  9. Franz
    Great to catch up to you at home on Sunday & collect that bottle of sparkling wine. :D :D
    Meow & I had a good time - thanks also for the Johnny Dam & snacks.
    Funny too that we both had flat camera batteries to not photograph the wine handover, then at the end of the evening after you'd charged your battery up we forgot to get the picture. :lol: :lol:
  10. Great to see you on the forum again Franz!
    Will definitely give you a call the next time I'm in your neighborhood.
    Happy Trails!
  11. Welcome back Franz , hope your new job and the loacl staff are more sensible than the old lot.

  12. David it was a pleasure !!! One day, two friends from GT Rider! Ally was the first one to pick up a bottle and you came in close second !! :lol: Concerning the foto, well we keep it in our internal hardrive !! :p
    Went with Ally to the dogshelter and decided to help with some small donations & maybe take one more dog as a partner for my elder Jenny..... :lol: Holes in the garden are dug much easier by two of them. :?
    Tony you're welcome !! Will be nice to go on a ride together & have some yummies up here, how's the little Tony by the way ?? Does he still like to play with water on the foothpath like Dougal (Peter) showed him ???? :oops:
    Jerry are you back in LOS ? If so I'm gonna call you during the day !
    Cheers, Franz

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