Bangkok to Petchabun

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  1. Brian
    Thanks for the contribution.
  2. This was captured with my iphone in my bike pants pocket. Using a fantastic application call Motion X GPS.
    Only written for the iPhone.

    There is a very cool OpenMaps.. Opensource that allows you to cache maps before you leave.. While not as good as google maps etc.. Great if you don't want to get hit with roaming charges overseas and plan you route before.. Then pull up the maps when out of the country.

    Myself and 2 other biker friends will be buying the Biologic Iphone holder for the bike. It is waterproof etc.. Meant for Bicycles.
    link below

    Will also rig a charger for the bike.. Just handy to have this powered and mounted when riding around and stopping looking for directions.
  3. Just stumbled across this thread- thanks for the info about Motion X GPS. I'm downloading it now and look forward to trying it out. I had a Zumo 550 that I just sold because quite frankly I don't ever want to be messing about with a GPS while I'm riding and if it's there I'll be tempted to play with it. iPhone stays in my pocket or tank bag and only comes out if I get lost at which point I pull over to a safe spot, then check.

    Thanks again for the post! Looking forward to trying out this new GPS toy :happy5:

    Happy Trails!


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