Battery maintenance while I'm in the Uk

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  1. Gents

    I have recently built a house and have 2 young children so I have been spending a lot of time in the UK for work.

    The problem I've got is when I get back to Thailand my 5 bikes have got flat batteries and most of the time need replacing.It's getting quite expensive and its also a pain in the arse with my ZX6R as I have to take the seat and farings off to get at the battery.I have also rounded some allen key nuts off

    I am not a good mechanic and I do more damage by doing work myself

    I had my wife start the bikes once a week whilst I am away but I have since been told that the bike won't charge if it's stationary.

    Has anyone got any ideas of how to sort my problem I am willing to take my.bikes to a mechanic if there is a solution

    You are probably wondering why a totally useless git like me has bikes with no idea how to fix,it was because I seen all the fun you fellers where having in Thailand and decided in my middle age I wanted a bit of that.I rode bikes as a young lad and got into cars and the occasional bike in adulthood.

    So there you go thanks in advance fir any replies

    Safe riding guys
  2. Certainly not the cheapest option, but [url url=]ctek (click here)[/url] are arguably one of the best. It's not a trickle charger but a battery maintenance system so you just plug it in and forget it.

    Developed (I believe) initially for snowmobiles that sat for months at a time out of snow season.

    Requires wiring a pigtail to the battery, then it's just a matter of plugging in the charger to the plug on the tail.

    They are not cheap, and especially requiring quite a few of them. I do believe that you can get a model that would do 2 batteries, but you are still going to need a few.

    I have 1 for each of my bikes with the charger part mounted on the ceiling of my garage with the lead dangling, then when I park the bike under it, just plug it in. No messy wires on the floor.

    Hope this helps.......
  3. I've just got a Ctek  and had an Optimate   but I don't leave them connected whilst I'm away and it would just confuse the wife.    but anyway 5 bikes would be a problem .  I've had problems in the past.    How long does she run the bikes for ? ,  anything less than 5 mins will probably  start to drain the battery because the initial start up takes a lot of power out of it.   A battery in good condition should be able to hold it's charge for a few months.        That's my theory and it could be wrong but I didn't have any problems this time after 4 months.    If your away for a long time then maybe disconnect them and get the wife to charge them every month or so.

    I'm going to have test my Theory though for next time and if I'm wrong connect the ctek
  4. An old GTR thread on this subject

    that may help.
  5. That's the answer guys thanks alot

    I would only need 2 because the other bikes are easy to take off and get access to.

    I Will get these when I get back to Thailand as I am not sure how they will react with Thai electricity if they are from the UK

    Great help again from GT rider guys
  6. I suspect they will be cheaper and easier to source in the UK. Same voltage.....
  7. CTEK are great. Bought one aprox 4 years ago - quit working last year. Email Sweden, explained the problem. They said put it in the mail to us, and if we can repair it we will. Lo and Behold - a complete new charger - in the box, arrives in return mail. Cost - Zero !
  8. I got mine in the UK,  much cheaper and it works fine.  They are made in Sweden,  the Voltage is the same,  the only difference being the Plug,  but you can change it easily.
  9. I have been using a UK  sourced Optimate for  10 years.  I do 3 months about work/leave and never had a problem with the battery.   The Optimate their rebadged twin Accumate or the Ctek will do you fine.   If you are using sealed batteries  just remember not to use a charger from the local shops meant for refillable batteries.
  10. Just to support comments re optimate chargers  I've used one on many bikes over the year never a problem if you attach the charging connection to the battery never a access issue on any bike.

    safe riding

  11. Shorai Lithium LFX Battery is the answer.
    Never left my bikes idle for more than 4 weeks but recently installed these and have no complaints.

    Check the link, this one plugged into my K1600:

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