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  1. ray23

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    You know I've noticed about a week out the battery on the 535 seems to being getting tired. So a part of the normal maintanance I now take the time to give a little charge and that seems to keep it happy for the next week or more.

    Question is am I making things worse?

    I do know this is not how it supposed to be, but it's really not a huge problem for me. Gives me a chance to clean all the dirt from under the seat anyway.
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  3. HIKO

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    The life of a motorcycle battery is not very long.The life can be prolonged by charging it periodically. If you use a thai charger be careful not to overcharge or to use to high ampere. Motorcycle batteries should be charged with 1 amp and sealed batteries and Jelly batteries with even less. You can find "clever" chargers specially made for motorcycles (swedish design name Ctek) from Motozone and the others shops on RCA in Bangkok. HIKO
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    Or if you know someone in the States get them to get you a Battery Tender, or if you know someone in the UK, get them to get you an Optimate.

    I ordered a Battery Tender from the U.S.A., not realising you get hit with 100% import duty on electrical parts. So The BT cost $50, then $50 duty, and they sent a 110v by mistake. I contacted them saying where else in the world besides USA/Canada do they run 110v, they apologised saying send it back and they will replace. Thats a no no here so bought a reduced transformy thingy, then after 4 months the bl**dy thing packed up.

    I now use an Optimate, great you ca leave it on all the time, have a BM socket on the end, and comes with battery lugs as well, so easy to swap from battery to battery, certainly prolongs the life of teh battery, in the States some leave it on for 8 months on their ski-doos
  5. ray23

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    Thank Guys I bought a good charger that yuou can adjust from Home Pro, keep it as close to 12 volts as I can get it. Only takes about 25 mins and it is happy for another week.

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