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  1. I'm planning an extended tour of Thailand, Singapore, Malyasia, Vietnam. Which country would be the best to buy and plate a 250cc bike?? Thailand sounds full of hassles with needing a local residence etc. Are other countries easier? do local shops buy back their bikes after they've been toured on?

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    Best guy to contact is Peter Reid at Siam Superbike in Bangkok.

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  3. I was browsing the net ( slow day) I came across yahoo auctions singapore, there were lots of bikes all registered ( they still have a nice front numberplate down the centreline of the front mudguard ala uk circa 1960s ) Many road and a few dirt bike ( two Bajas ) I have no idea what buyiong and registering involves or even bringing then to Thailand an using on temporary import papers ( monthly visa trips for the bike?)

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  4. Buying a bike in Singapore is kind of a pain if you dont live there (I lived there for 4 years). If you dont live there you can buy it to take it out of the country and you have so many days (think 30 but could be less). Your Singapore insurance which is a pain to get as no one wants to cover you - will work in Malaysia. When you go into Thailand you buy 30 days worth of insurance and guarantee to take the bike out within 30 days.

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