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    I just got this funny email. I've seen such emails before, but never in such good English. Well done! :thumbup:
    The war on terrorism really pays off big time hahaha


    Dear ......

    I have received your mail and i am ok with the price of your bike. I
    will surely buy the bike because i like your bike and i will come
    and inspect the bike as soon as i am out of the military base but i
    have a very important and confidential proposal for you.
    Before going further,let me introduce myself to you,I am
    Captain Mike Hoffman with the United Nations troop in Iraq,on war
    against terrorism.
    Based on the United States legislative and executive decision for
    withdrawing troops from Iraq come this year,I have been deployed to
    come and work near the boarder of your country soonest. Our mission is to
    help beef up security against terrorist targeted states,mostly the
    United states,the European,Asian and Arabian countries on the war against
    So I will surely need a bike for myself and that is why i contacted you.

    Secondly, I believe you will maintain the trust and confidence of what
    i am about to reveal to you. Right now, I have in my possession the
    sum of USD 5.2million which was recovered from one of our raids on
    terrorists here in Iraq because they keep most of their money at home
    for evil activities which they normally get through illegal deals on
    crude oil.
    Based on the suffering we undergo here some of us do meet such luck.
    It happened that I went for this raid with the men in my unit and i
    decided to take it as my share for my stress here in this evil land
    filled with suicide bombers. I deposited this money with RED
    CROSS OFFICE here informing the red cross officer that i am making
    contact for the real owner of the money. The Red Cross officer has
    given me 7 days to find the owner so it is now under my power to approve
    whoever comes forth for this money.
    I wish to use this money for charity purposes in your country and other
    countries,for instance we have about 3 million Iraqi refugees and Sudan
    where we have currently the highest numbers of refugees displaced as a
    result of war.You need to visit such places and see things for your self
    and that motivate me to use this money to save lives and make a better
    living because i am a humanitarian.

    secondly i want to invest the money on stock fish from Norway to this
    refugees because base on my experience on battle ground in this
    places,they lack a lot of fish and meat to add to their meager and
    unpalatable meals which they get in little quantity just to keep them
    living until God knows when the problem ends.
    Instead of allowing this terrorists to get the money and spend it on
    purchasing arms illegally from Russia and North Korea it is better
    channeled to saving the world.
    I cannot move this money to the United states because I will be in
    your country for about 3 years,so I need someone I could deal with on
    trust and that is why i contacted you. If you accept, I will put you
    forward as the owner of the money and transfer the money immediately
    through the Red Cross Diplomatic Delivery means to you as that is the
    easiest way of transferring the money to you without anyone asking you
    about the source of the money because nobody will know that it is
    money inside the content as it was package like a delivery food stocks
    so it will have a smooth and easy passage safely to you with a
    diplomatic immunity protection so there is nothing to risk that will
    cause any harm to you.

    I am an American and an intelligence officer and I have a 100%
    authentic means of transferring the money through diplomatic courier
    service .I just need your acceptance and all is done. i have all the
    logistics for that so you have nothing to worry. Please if you are
    interested in this transaction then I will give you the complete
    details you need for us to carry out this transaction successfully as
    all you need is to follow my instructions and directives.

    I decided to find someone who i can trust and that is why I went to
    this shopping secured site to contact you on trust believing we can
    work together. I believe I can trust you. Where we are now we can only
    communicate through our military communication facilities which is
    secured so nobody can monitor our emails,then I can explain in details
    to you. I will only be able reach you through email,because our calls
    might be monitored,I just have to be sure whom I am dealing with and i
    will make a good business with you.

    If you are interested, then let me know immediately so we can proceed
    as time is very important to me. I am doing this on trust, you should
    understand that as a trained military expert I know my ways and i am
    very careful in everything i do. This money is my life and i am
    willing to give you 30% of the total sum when the money arrives under
    your safe custody. I wait for your response so we can proceed
    immediately. In less than 7days the money should be in your safe
    custody, then i will come over to meet you when we are out of the
    military base.

    Captain Mike Hoffman
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    Wow - a double scam... double the opportunity...

    I used to do this thing called 'scambaiting' where you play along with these scammers, and pretend you are interested... all the while you are wasting their time, and stopping them from scamming others...

    To read up on how to do it well, go to ...

    importantly, you shouldn't start a new bait if they know your real email address or phone numner... it is best to use an email address that doesn't forward your IP address, like gMail, so they can't even tell what country you are in...

    For the Aussies on the board, ny scambating profiles were;
    Christopher Skase,
    Alby Mangles, and
    Lightning McQueen

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    I had a look at that website and it seems like fun, so here is the email I sent back to him...


    Well, I really just want to sell the bike. I'm not so sure about the other business. Although it sounds good, it seems a bit complicated to do...
    How, for example, do I know if you are really who you claim to be?
    Maybe you can send me a picture with a sign saying: I love bikes and hate terrorists!
    That would confirm your true identity.

    When do you intend to come to see the bike?

    let's see what he has to say to that and it would be really cool if he sends the pic! :smile1:
  4. mezcal

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    Second (very long) email from Captain Mike Hoffman. He didn't respond at all to my questions and sadly no picture yet... :sad1::

    Dear Markus,

    I have carefully gone through your mail and the contents was well
    understood and noted and i am very happy to you for accepting to do
    this business with me, First, you should understand that it is only a
    day that people meet and become good friends/business partners. I have
    contacted you on this deal believing we can work together on trust to
    achieve a life time success. Again, you are not to worry because
    before i even contacted you, i have carefully worked out the logistics
    for a smooth delivery of these funds to you,so you have nothing to
    worry because i believe as a gentle person you can handle this
    Business very well.I cannot call you because we are monitored and
    restricted from making outside calls due to security prefer
    you do this deal through email and i know is safer.

    Meanwhile based on the conditions which you have to know. You should
    understand that i am a trained military expert and i know the laws
    very well. Now listen, for us to achieve success in this deal, you
    have to follow my directives and guidelines so that we can have a
    smooth delivery of this funds to you in your country.

    Furthermore, you are not going to have any problems with the laws of
    your country or any international law because everything will be
    legally done in accordance with the law and nobody can investigate or
    question you as you have all the legal documents backing it up so you
    will not be subjected to any scrutiny at all.

    Again, The funds cannot be transferred through bank to your account
    because here in Iraq we are not allowed to operate with any bank or
    make any international transaction, so i have already mapped out the
    logistics for the delivery of the funds to you through the Diplomatic
    Delivery process, the funds will be packaged in a trunk box
    consignment well sealed and locked and will be delivered to you in
    your home . You will not need to go to the bank or travel as the funds
    will be delivered to your doorstep by the international diplomats via
    their diplomatic courier service delivery.

    Now,let me make you understand my power in affecting the transfer of
    this funds to you. As i have already informed you on how this money is
    been brought,and i know i have equally informed you on where the money
    was deposited. I am in Command of my Unit here in Al-Basrah,i give
    orders,and i am a marine officer and you know the respect and honor we
    control. I am going to prepare all the necessary documents for
    approval that the money is yours so everything will be intact on your

    Consequently, let me make you understand how this business is going to
    be done successfully, Every week, a RED CROSS RELIEF JET flies to
    Europe from Baghdad to go and collect reliefs from donors in all the
    parts of the world. I have two of my men as security to the airplane,
    So after preparing every document on your behalf as the owner of the
    funds, i will then seal up the consignment which is with the RED CROSS
    to the beneficiary .Then I want you to know that diplomats run a
    courier service which is called DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE, this
    service is meant for transferring hard documents,huge funds and
    precious stones, they call it consignment.

    This consignment will be registered under their service and will be
    carried with their diplomatic immunity to any country where they have
    diplomatic grounds and then deliver it to the owner of the consignment
    on the grounds where they maintain diplomatic immunity.

    In this case,the deal will go like this, Once i register the
    consignment in your name, Then i will seal it and then register it as
    a diplomatic consignment Trunk Box to be delivered to the owner in
    your country. The Airplane that will airlift the consignment is the
    RED CROSS JET which equally has the diplomatic immunity to lift such
    consignments and other hard copies because of the nature of its work.
    So Wherever it lands then the diplomat will immediately contact you
    and you will proceed and go receive the consignment from him. It is
    very simple and straight forward transaction as long as you follow my

    You should understand that Diplomats are very busy people so they will
    not be able to tolerate delays, so you must have to be ready so that
    as soon as they live here and contact you, then you will be able to
    meet with the diplomat immediately and claim your consignment. If you
    cannot be able to meet with him immediately due to your tight
    schedule, then you can make further arrangements with him to assist
    you in bringing the consignment to your home and he will surely help
    you as long as you follow his directives.

    I hope you have understood all about this business and how it is going
    to be done. So for us to start up immediately,I will need the below
    information from you immediately:

    4, YOUR AGE

    These information will enable me prepare the necessary documents on
    your behalf which will make you the owner of the consignment as
    required which will be used to register the consignment on your name.
    Once i am through with that, i will let you know and i will also send
    you the copy of the AIRWAY BILL DOCUMENT and BOND CERTIFICATE which i
    used in registering you as the owner of the funds. This is the summary
    of the legal process involved in this transaction so you can see that
    it is a straight forward transaction.

    Finally, I am going to handle every financial aspect of this
    transaction here in Iraq until the consignment leaves here on your
    behalf so on your own side, you must be ready to move to meet with the
    Diplomats once they arrive Europe and contact you so that you can
    immediately claim your consignment from the diplomats and safely carry
    it home. I will be updating you as we progress, Please treat this with
    the secrecy and urgency it deserves, i am counting on your

    Waiting for your urgent response to enable us proceed immediately.




    Ok, this sounds all very promising, but I still want to see your picture with the sign that says: I LOVE BIKES AND HATE TERRORISTS. I'm sure, as a man who commands such respect and power amongst your soldiers you must be very busy, but I really don't want to go any further until I get proof of who you are. I hope you understand that I have to be careful. After all, there are a lot of people out there who try to take advantage of well meaning people like us.

    What about the bike then? Maybe you can send me a small down payment, so I can keep it for you until you come here to get it!

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    Markus, you lucky sod - grab your share of the $ 5.2 million and dump the Bandit and the Boxer to raise the fee for the security company. The good captain already "registered" things in your name.

    I saw a group of African men at Dubai airport compose such e-mails. And I've spoken to the First Lady of Nigeria and her "Barrister" :lol-sign:

    Back to bikes, :lol-sign: these jokers now advertise used bikes, sometimes over 100 at once. They overpriced the 125 cc and gave away the Aprilia Mille 1000 for peanuts...

    Even when selling a 400 Euro laptop I was approached by suck scammers wanting me to ship the laptop to Nigeria...

  6. mezcal

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    hehe hs0fze

    Too bad the captain never replied. I really wanted to see the picture! :lol-sign:

    The Bandit is sold. Now, "thanks" to GTRider I learned about the stunning and affordable Kawa ER6n and that completely upset my previous plans. Damn it! :wink:
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    OMIGOD, does this mean I should not have responded to that message I got from the FBI? :shock: One would think by now that they would at LEAST capitalize and stop using the word "soonest." God I hate that!

    Time is short and I'll be in CM in January. My head is spinning with all the rides I want to take - only 2 1/2 weeks and I'm going a bit crazy trying to decide which direction. Oh well, it will all come together.
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    Here's an example of a common scam I noticed when trying to buy a car recently. I played along for a bit of fun. The car was listed for about AUS$10000 under the normal market price. Below is her second email after I had asked for a phone number to discuss the purchase with her. For those who don't know Australia, Tasmania is not somewhere you would go for pre-Afganistan (desert) training. I also confirmed this with a friend in the Aust. Army. Nice try Katrina.

    Thank you for getting back to me. Here are a few more details about the car:
    Immaculate condition inside and out,
    New tyre,
    New battery,
    Air Conditioning,
    Alloy Wheels,
    AM, FM Stereo,
    Cassette Player,
    CD Player,
    Climate Control,
    Cruise Control,
    Leather Seats,
    Power-assisted Steering (PAS),
    Power Locks,
    Power Seats,
    Power Windows,
    Tilt Steering Wheel,
    Tow Bar

    I had the car listed on eBay too and I prefer to close this transaction though eBay because they have that buyer protection program. I dont have much experience with selling cars and I would feel more comfortable doing this transaction through eBay. They are offering assistance and protection both for seller and buyer. However, the auction ended without a winning bid and it is not listed on ebay anymore.

    Here is a link to ebay protection program so please read it:
    (link no longer active as the website also caught on to the scam)

    I'm serving in the Australian Army(yes, a girl in the army) and I've been transferred to a military base in Tasmania. I am doing pre Afghanistan Deployment Training, before leaving for Afghanistan for a 12 month mission. In fact this is the main reason for selling the car. It would be a pity to keep the car in the garage for so long... The car is in a local warehouse, ready to be delivered to the next owner by the shipping company.

    If you agree to proceed with the transaction I will list the car on ebay again, with the buy now option. Of course we will agree upon the price and other details before that. After you will use the buy now option, the car will be delivered to you by the shipping company and you will have 5 days inspection period, while you'll be able to see and inspect the car before buying it. If you won't like the car after you will receive it or if you will decide that it is not like described, you can reject the deal (but I'm sure you will love it).

    Please let me know if there is anything else you want to know about the car and if you are ready to proceed with the transaction.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon,
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    There's the give away...
  10. stonevedder

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    It was a Volvo :)
  11. Seanextra

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    Gee Wizz Markus i had no idea you had to deal with this shite before i bought your bike ! AND i was worried about you being for real !!! thanks mate happy Ks as we say in Australia gone thru the old "little" bandit have it singing now ! love buzzin the traffic and can expect all of Izzan is sayin BLOODY FARANG!

    Still miss my Katana 1100 :roll:
  12. mezcal

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    Glad you're enjoying the little Bandit!

    Post some pics if you can.

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    how about this one , i received this response after seeing an add for a rather cheap BMW Dakar on another forum recently.

    the deal is so cheap that this gentleman from Italy or perhaps Nigeria will spend all the money he wants for the bike on a ticket to thailand to sell the bike.


    The bike has a greebook registered in Thailand on my name,
    Two weeks ago a person from Thailand told to me that he want to buy my bike.I said Ok,we will meet in Thailand and we will make the deal.I come in Thailand but no buyer,never respond my emails or calls .For this reason i need to be sure that you really want to buy my bike.
    I am in Italy now and the bike is in Thailand..Here is how we can start this deal together.I do not need any advance payment done to me until you see my bike.
    But because i will have to come back in Thailand to meet with you and make the deal face in face, i can not put myself on the road until i will have some kind of warranty :
    Here is EXACTLY how I propose you to make a safe deal:
    -You go to your nearest Western Union branch and deposit the money that you have to pay me for the bike on a familiar name ( Ex your best friend ) .
    -After you deposit the money you will receive the receipt ( your Send Money Form paper copy ). Scan it and send it back to me in JPEG format.
    -Once I receive the scanned receipt from you,i will keep the bike just for you and i I will IMMEDIATELY go and but the plane ticket and also i will send you the scan so you can know for sure when i will arrive....
    You will not pay anything until you will check the bike and we will make the papers in your name.I know that buying or selling on the Internet can be rather difficult, and it is always hard to trust your companion, because you have never hear or see him.For this reason I want to complete this deal in the safest way possible,for you and for me.
    You will have to send the money to your familiar name ,not in my name and this way you are protected and for me this will be the warranty that you really want to buy my bike.
    The transfer must to be like this:

    sender name : here will be your name
    sender address : your addres
    receiver name : father,brother,relative name etc.
    receiver address : Italy

    Once I receive the scanned receipt from you, I will immediately go and buy the plane ticket and i will come with the bike at you..After i will come to you , you will inspect the bike and all the papers.I will cover all the expenses for this money transfer once we meet.All the taxes will be deducted from the price of the bike.When you will send me the scanned paper i will see that you are a serious person and you really want to buy my bike.
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    Muzza, there's one more scam on that wellknown inferior forum about a R1150GS, seems to be the same scum tryin' to rip off peoples savings. Friend of mine was stupid enough to engage in a more detailed communication, told him STOP !! So why would anyone sell a bike which marketvalue is around 250-350k THB for only 70k THB and then even pay for a ticket which should be 35k THB, anyone using his brain would already know what's the post about. Selfspeaking for the moderators of that particular forum that they are not up to their tasks in kicking such posts out. Beware guys !! Rgds, FR

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