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  1. this has prob been asked loads of times before but i am landing in sept to bkk and would like to ride down to koh samui and back up 3/4 weeks later, im 6'4 and a health 19 stone so need a big bike to get me about?anybody know where i can hire a i big bike in bbk? i ride a gsx1400 k2 in the uk
  2. yes same question I have, I´m 198cm tall which is in UK 6feet and 6 inch so I´m also looking for a big bike I can rent in BKK oder Phuket from 04. June for 10 days.

  3. I'm 6'3" and 230lbs (17st).....The only big bike that should be readily available for rent in BKK is the Kawaski 650 Versys.....this bike is very big & fits me perfectly. Plenty of leg & arm room for you big fellas with pretty good handling & touring capabilities.

    The harder to rent exotic stuff like Ducati's, R1 & GSXR racing bikes are way to small IMO.
  4. Having hired bikes in Thailand really pleased with the Versys and I'm 6 foot and it was v comfortable to ride i went from Chaing mai to Koh Chang and all you need over their,the newer the better and all normal safety checks before you hire :)all advice is on the site which I have used extensively when I come over from England each year.
    Safe riding

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