bike and car drifting

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  1. Another great You tube video of bike drifting with a car.
    I hope the link works

  2. Posted over a week ago, almost 100 views, and not one reply - so I'll do it!

    Liked the video a lot, sent the link to several friends who I'm sure liked it, too.

    Don't feel discouraged, keep 'em coming!
  3. KZ, I never expect a response nor should it be necessary when I post a video.

    I appreciate your comments and I am sure others would have enjoyed the clip.

    I like to search for interesting or skilful bike riding videos and I have the time to do it. I am sure there are many bike riders who share my enjoyment of the videos but do not have time to be browsing their computer to find good video’s.

    I shall continue to post video’s if and when I find something that i feel is good.
  4. Brian I'm not sure about the mods of the board but i certainly enjoy great vids of bike and car racing, and other interesting action. If Unk and ben are OK with it keep posting your finds. Did anyone notice the RX-7 had a V-8 Corvette motor shoehorned into it?
  5. Keep up the good work Brian, It is good to know what is possible on two wheels, even if we cannot do it ourselves. (I speak for myself here), maybe others are more skilled in that way.
  6. Thanks John

    Check this one out. The guy is Jamie Whitton i think. I know the face but not sure of the name.
    An ex gun BSB super bike rider. Should give you and others a laugh.


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