Bike Checks on Pattayas Sukumvit

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  1. Be careful if you have a 'hot' or dodgy bike.

    Got shaken down for license and tax on the CBR. It was cool though as I had both. But for the bikers out there who are still edge ridin' it be aware.

    The 'zone' is where the highway police station is between Pattaya Tai and Klang...
  2. Actually they do spot checks in various areas at various times, not just on Sukhumvit.
    A few weeks ago, I was stopped on Beach Rd while riding home on my 250 dirt-bike. Not a problem though. I pointed out my license plate, current tags, showed the BIB my Thai drivers license...and he waved me on after I asked if he also wanted to see the copy of my green book, which I carry in the tool compartment.

    But, beware if you're riding an illegal bike or don't have papers proving your on a rental bike...
  3. Yeh - kinda ironic if you get nicked / stitched up, you could always head into Kawasaki shop next door to the police station and buy your self a properly registered MC. :D :D :D

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