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  1. Which bike brands are the least reliable if you use the number of recalls in US as criteria?

    1. HD/BUELL


    3. BMW K1200 Series

    The Japaneese seem to control the quality issues a little better....

    You can see the results from this link:

    If you want a more comprehensive article pls look at this MOTORCYCLIST link:

  2. Ducati have a major class action case being prepared by the DMV and private individuals in the USA due to Plastic fuel tanks swelling and some even bursting due to not being Gasohol compatible .Unofficially Ducati have been offering replacement alloy and steel tanks ,but officially they dont say anything as the problem could affect production of 40-60,000 bikes which might bankrupt them.

    I have seen 4 Ducatis with this problem in Thailand ...None of mine are affected as they are older with steel tanks.

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