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  1. Hello all

    I'm arriving into Laos on the 10th of April, I was hoping to rent a bike for three weeks

    could anybody reccomend a good compsny
    I would like to be able to take the bike over the border to Vietnam so if anyone knows a company that is agreeable to this that would be great

    also reccomendations on a bike to use would be good.

    I have been touring India and Nepal on a Enfield, really like that sort of bike - tough as old boots, if theres a Loas equivalent I would love to hear about it. I know about Minsk's but 125cc seems far too small for my pleasure

    thanks for all help in advance


    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Eldon
    You really do need to do a bit of research yourself.
    Please take a look at
    Link removed
    Link removed

    To cross international borders you need your passport.
    Most motorcycle hire shops need your passport as security for the bike, so without a passport it gets somewhat difficult crossing international borders.
    Please take a look at
    to get some decent info on border crossings.

    Keep the power on

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