Bike rentals in Huay Xai ???

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by jethro69, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. jethro69

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    Hi all,

    I'm planing to make a visa-run into Laos, no big trip, just spend a few days to avoid a second visa-run before I leave Thailand.
    I understand that there are some companies who will ship a bike to Huay Xai, but as I'll use it only 2-3 days, that will be way too expensive. :(
    Also to bring my own for that short time, I think it's not worth the hassle. :?: It's even not possible, as I don't have the green book yet. The name is not changed yet.:thumbdown:
    So the question is quite simple. Does anyone know if there is a reliable guest-house or shop who rent out bikes. A Honda dream or something similar would do the trick, just to stay a little bit flexible and check out nearby villages. If there is something bigger available I wouldn't mind either. Thanks for your input. :p
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  3. Auke

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    Have seen scooters for rent on the main street but don't remember anymore where exactly - just ask around and you should find them.
  4. jethro69

    jethro69 Ol'Timer

    Thanks mate,

    That will do the trick..
  5. hsracer 369

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    Thaveesinh Hotel, on main street.

    856 84 211 502 or 020 5568 3333

    or email [email protected]

    Mr. Than

    Good folks, good rooms, good location.

    Good luck!

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