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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Tom Forde, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Tom Forde

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    Hi Guys, in my haste to get back to LOS I have everything for sale, including my much loved 2001 Triumph Speed Triple.
    I advertised it on the net through the Aussie web site
    4 photos and a description were entered for a cost of $50A. The next morning, less than 12 hours later I got a hit, the guy was interested and we made a deal of $8000A with him paying for the pickup.
    2 days later he came back with a request that I set up an account on PayPal which he would transfer the agreed money.
    I then got a request from him for me to pay $900A to a freight company in London (remember he is in Oz) by Western Union his excuse was they would not accept Pay Pal, and he would add the $900A to his price, once I verified the payment by a Western Union receipt no.
    PayPal (or someone pretending to be) hounded me for the money, even threatened me with legal action if I didn't pay WU within 12 hours!
    Needless to say, I contacted PayPal and the police, yep it is a scam, both parties know about it and apparently it is world wide, so beware if selling, buying on the net if the other party want to go through PayPal.
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  3. Marco

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    Morning Tom

    I hear you and here is my story with similarities from the UK(Claimed) guy in Malaysia.

    all the guys who are selling or looking,, WESTERN UNION is always used by scammers, so who ever asking you to depo any money in there, some alarm bell's should start banging in your head,,,I have studied on this as i work in World wide security business... ... s-my-story)-t6105.html
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  5. Blue Max

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    Yeah this scam first surfaced in Nigeria with bent workers in the banks in on the scam.
    Be wary of the 'pay me to pay you' blags lads.
  6. hs0zfe

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    Glad you dodged this bullet! and I read many articles about eBay scams in German computer magazines. The fine print is that only certain "verified" addresses get protection. so - as a cold hardted con artist, I would indeed transfer the asking price of AUD 8,000 then - WEEKS loater - be successful in taking the money back out of your account.

    Forget any notion that Paypal would help you.

    Often, they come and collect the large screen TVs or whatever.
    Another biker scam involves them bidding together. They drive up the price to ridiculous levels, then cancel the high bids in the last seconds of the auction. By then the competition will have given up due to the high price showing. And a mate gets the bike for sillyy money. Estonians then appear as a group, uttering threats... (seen on TV in Germany).
  7. Marco

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    I would bet the difference,, i have used my Verifyed" PayPal for yrs now i EBAY and with 4 times when item has not been arriving i have got ymoney back with in 24hrs filing te complayment, PayPal has Office in Singapore and every time talking to them(Calling) problem has been solved, they have they own way of tracking the items and money, and of course Insurance is helping as well..
    So I HAVE good experience from PayPay, can't speak behave any one else.

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